High Pressure Sound Level

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Are in interested to protect your hearing system? The loss of hearing cannot be reversed.
Do you know how a sound is measured? Are you damaging your hearing system every day?

High Pressure Noise & Your Health

High sound pressure level

The next incident I had to solve was people had to work in enclosed areas where the noise level was 88 decibels or above all the time. These workers had to work 12 hours per day, six days per week. Without using the earmuffs or earplugs, people would start to lose their hearing capability within a few weeks. It had been confirmed that a decibel level of 90 or more continuously for 8 hours would damage the hearing system slightly on a permanent basis. The decibel level from live rock music is 120, the same from power tools like those use to hack concrete when three hackers are operating at the same time. For chain saw, it is 110 and for normal office conversation, 60.

When they found out it was always too late. All workers who have to work in high Sound Pressure Level area, 85 decibels and above, must be briefed on the hazards of noise exposure. I also came across workers in these areas not willing to put on the earmuffs provided, giving the excuse the earmuffs would make them sweat more profusely. They also cited that they worked for many weeks there and non-of them had hearing problem.

Noise level must be maintained below 65 decibels during the day time. The use of noise buffers such as hoarding must be encouraged. Noise level must not exceed 55 decibels during night time if the workers are sleeping near the construction yards.

Excessive noise may also disrupt the growth and development of premature infants. Constant exposure to above 64 decibels increases the chance of getting high blood pressure by about 90%. Other bad effects include sleep disruption, headaches, heart problems, mental health and behavioural issues, because of and changes in brain chemistry. Researchers have proved that stroke, and heart circulatory diseases are more common in areas with aircraft noise. Jack-in piling machine produces 100 decibels within one meter radius. A Boeing 474 taking off produces 107 decibels at 300 meters away, at 30 meters radius it is 150 decibels.

Noise can lead to social hardship, reduced productivity, decrease performance in learning, absenteeism in the workplace and school, increase drug use and accidents.

Blow-drying your hair (95 decibels) or listening to ipod (105 decibels) for more than 4 minutes are bad for your ears. Fans of rock concerts are exposed to noise level of 115 decibels and the ears are only safe for the first 30 seconds.

If a worker must be exposed to a location where the noise level is 80 decibels or higher, for more than one hour, protective earmuffs must be worn. A sound level of 120 or more could cause a fatal heart attack, for example, myocardial infarction.

The average ear plugs can bring down noise level to 30 decibels.

Majority of our contractors still think of industrial safety as a burden and a waste of time and money. They must be educated to understand that industrial safety will actually increase their productivity and lower the production cost.
As the average education level of the workers grows higher, a day will come when many of these workers are able to sue the employers for damages like noise-induced hearing loss, loss of eye-sight etc. The subsequent compensation claims could be very high.

Non-compliance must be treated severely and the responsible parties heavily fined in terms of money or sent to jail for an appropriate duration. Otherwise, the Government can not protect its citizens from unscrupulous employers.

Companies violating noise limit in Singapore face a fine of up to $40000.00 but during the past ten years I have not heard of one company which had been fined.


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