High protein diet for wound healing

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When the body is wounded, the right foods should be eaten to quicken the healing process. Proteins are necessary as they build muscles and tissues in the body.

Healthy Proteins

Proteins are body builders and are responsible for making of the muscles and the tissues in the body. Protein is broken down by the liver to amino acids so that it can be used by the body.

A wound is a tearing in the tissue that can allow viruses and bacteria to enter the body and foods rich in protein should be eaten to quicken the healing process.
Proteins are either animal or plant based and they are both very good for the repair of the body and should be eaten in the right amount and too much should be avoided to ensure that the body does not get exhausted breaking them down.

The body only uses enough protein and the excess that is consumed is turned into energy so make sure that you eat enough.
Some of these foods high in protein include:
Animal Protein.

a) Lean beef and veal- It should be lean meaning that it has very low or zero fat in it for maximum protein attained.
b) Fish – The best is Tuna and Salmon.
c) Eggs – This being an animal by product is actually a complete protein.
d) Chicken / Turkey – Remove the skin to minimize the fat in it.
e) Lamb – This can have a bit of marbling but few people like to consume it as it has a peculiar aroma that some people dislike.
f) Pork – For those not restricted by your religion a great source of protein as well.
g) Lobster / Crab – Though a bit expensive the protein is good.
h) Cheese / Milk/ yoghurt– This is very high in protein for those who are not lactose intolerant.

For those people who are vegetarians or against eating of animals, there is a lot of variety on offer in the plant bases protein which include:

1) Dry Beans – The older the beans the higher the protein ratio.
2) Lentils /Pulses/Peanuts.
3) Pumpkin / Squash Seeds – To bring out the protein goodness, the seeds are baked and the outer shell cracked open to eat the seed inside.
4) Water Melon seeds – These should also be roasted and the outer shell cracked open to eat the seed inside.
5) Peas.
6) Millet.

When cooking animal proteins the time should be observed as too much cooking toughens them making them more difficult to eat and digest.

Ensure that every meal eaten has a portion of protein in it to satisfy the daily ration because if the body does not get the required amount then the body breaks down some muscle to attain the required amino acid.


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