Highest Good of Refrain Not a Human Contractual Obligation

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No one has the answers for your various problems, {least of all, me}. Your particular situation warrants a yet-to-be-discovered avenue of unexplored expression. No body on the outside can say or even indicate what you need to do. Those directions are housed deep within your very own capricious soul. Listen to the 'still small voice.' ...MODE of Cosmic Therapy

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Psychological Alienation from Ourselves

The all too often ill-repeated words, “I’m doing this for your own good” or “I know what’s best for you” begin to lose their initial soothing appeal and calming influence when we discover that our ‘highest good’ is not decided nor dictated by someone other than ourselves traveling the ‘short path’ down the long arduous road.

Our unique inexplicable experiences are ordered from a higher sphere of cosmic understanding whereby we, as well as everyone else involved, are scintillatingly holding the obscurely hidden end of reason’s diving rod.

No one walking on two legs can interfere or intrude upon another’s life without bringing untold jeopardy and harm. To interfere has not been decreed by the gods as part of our duty, responsibility or human contractual obligation.

Then, why do we meddle so much? Why do we try to ‘tend to other people’s business?” Why do we continually feel that we must ‘take care of the matter before it gets out of hand’? Because we are so alienated from ourselves!

We live in a constant bewildering state of division and derision, existing on the inescapable fear of apprehension. We worry needlessly; often times inventing fictitious situations to fill the void of our own unending anguish.

IF we were in peace and harmony with ourselves, all would be right with the world. But, instead we repress our incessant anxiety directing the sense of hopelessness and desperation onto others.

Let’s examine this statement a little further, “What exactly constitutes the highest good of/for others?” Without first operating on that supremely elevated level, which would require non-attachment and the release of self-related vested interest identity, we are totally inept in providing any measure of advice for another.

AND, furthermore IF we, in fact, existed from the lofty richly endowed sphere of unimpeded beguiling motives, we would have no desire, need or inclination to offer advice of any kind. We must accept, IF we are to believe we are human experiencing an undefined life on Earth of necessary lessons that we are all perfectly equipped with the exact eudemonia of a mortal enabling us to tend to the state of affairs presented.

No matter how unbefittingly bewildering, paradoxically upsetting and hinderingly disconcerting these particular situations occur.

However, we are constructed in such a grandiosely designed manner as to construe a prefabricated method of coping with that which we don’t understand, accept and/or have not experienced for ourselves.

Therefore, the barriers of constraint rise up quickly in warring defense so as to protect us from the wrongly perceived unintelligible danger filled events. We are threatened by our own decidedly fixed ‘paths of misery’, though they be safeguarded by repetition’s insoluble engraving. We just do what we do because we’ve always done it and it works. No need to rock the boat!

The trouble with that stubbornly endowed mind set; we end up as robotically motivated creatures of monotonous habit, unfulfilled, depressed, paranoid, restless, and dissatisfied.

In order to execute the ‘highest good’ of our being, we must recognize the ‘uniqueness’, in our particular destiny that will, can, shall not conform to the ‘old ways of doing things’, regardless of how long they have been enforced. In other words, we are here to experience sacred innovative methods of experiencing life to the fullest.

Man’s ultimate journey on Earth is to seek for his own immediate inner truth, mingle with the various imminent aspects to it, interrelate on variant levels, receive and repel associations of preconditioned preferences, doubt and question every supposed fact presented, contribute a connecting web of creative realization in opposition to that which would demand he not venture out beyond what’s expected and accepted.

Human beings' primary endowment of celestial greatness is to seek authentic understanding, experimental knowledge, day-to-day living science, pain filled experienced wisdom through absorbed rejection, abandonment, betrayal and heart breaking emotional encounters.

These realistic believable contrary human episodes are to be thoroughly exhausted in every ‘nook and cranny’ in life’s highways and byways, so that not a smidgeon of thirst is left unsaturated.

We can’t accomplish this ‘high calling’ without falling down into the well of indefinite prolapsed sanity.

Man’s highest attribute, inconsolable reason, must be banished for a season when his feet are unexpectedly planted on uncharted seas. During this surprisingly ‘appearing to be’ hedonistic twist, an undeniable guileless discipline will be enacted upon him who will lead him into, unto and through his ‘highest good’ in destiny’s calling.

We travel through many levels of assorted worlds of pleasure and pain while seeking definitive truth. What definitively guide us are the infallible ineffable reasons found within the latent unconscious drives.

Our consciousness expressly raises itself when confronted with the seemingly offending barriers presented. Those things that seem to detract, hinder and besiege are, in fact deliberately laid out on the super highway from our higher good (soul’s intent) being demonstrated without our conscious manipulation and intrusion.

Independent stabilization requires an enormous amount of unsolicited strength. We are not permitted to dip our toes into the pool to see IF the water is too hot or cold. But we are commanded to jump into the deep end of the pool unknowingly ill-prepared to face the consequences.

Sound utterly bizarre and cold-bloodedly inhumane? Of course it does, until we realize that reality is constructed from those experiences that are totally unreasonable and ineffectual from the logical viewpoint.

As long as we wallow in the house of pity and blame, competing for affection and complying for security’s seat of comfort, our ‘highest good’ of reality is ‘stayed’ at a safe distance waiting to produce only those needful events we are somewhat ready, willing and able to reciprocate.

So we need not fret needlessly, we’re going to do what we are going to do, for our ‘highest good’. Nothing else, but.

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