Hints to eat well and to be in good shape

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Eating well to be in good shape is primarily a matter of education and know how to cook well.

Hints to eat well and be in good shape

This photograph was spotted on FB and straightaway I thought she is quite wrong to say this.
No one needs a gym membership to do exercise to keep in good shape, because walking for two hours every day is the best exercise and it's free. It helps to lose weight, but also to clear one's head and we're in better moods when we return home after our walk.
My mother was one of the people I ever knew that managed very little money. Yet, we always ate fresh and healthy food, because there was simply no money for luxuries, fancy or convenience food.
All what we have to do is to educate ourselves as regards food and nutrition.
By learning what we ought to have on a daily basis and its quantities, we'll learn what we have to eat.
Learn to cook well and exchange recipes with friends or neighbours. Magazines, too, have recipes and tell us how to eat well and cheaply and the Internet is a whole world on such an issue. If one can't afford to buy magazines or to have Internet connection at home, all public libraries provide us with them and their membership fees are small or they are free.
If you have a space, no matter how small it is, anyone can grow vegetables. This will also be good exercise and you'll have fresh vegetables on the table.
One may be working, on welfare cash or getting a pension. No matter how little our income is the right thing to do is to fill in one's pantry as soon as one gets paid. You shouldn't be short of these things.
_ Potatoes.
_ Sugar.
_ Rice.
_ Pasta (macaroni, noodles and spagetti}
_ A choice of dry legumes such as lentils, chickpeas and white beans.
_ Oil (whatever one uses}
_ Wheat flour. Not only it'll be necessary to flour fish to fry it, but one will be able to make bread when needed.
On a small shelf, we'll have our spices. Check often if any of them has ran out and it's a good idea to buy one of them every time we go shopping. Spicing will help us to be better cooks and to enjoy our food.
While one has these items in the pantry, one will always have food to eat, but one primarily has to learn to cook well and to know what to make with few items.

Eating to be healthy and in good shape is a matter of education and know how rather than having a lot of money to spend and no matter how expensive food is.

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author avatar vickylass
8th Oct 2014 (#)

Thanks to everyone who has read this and to tell me whether I´m right or not.

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10th Oct 2014 (#)

Interesting post and very inspired at the moment it was created, a true masterpiece of writing!

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