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My article mainly deals with some of the home remedies for migraine. I have included the causes of migraine, when does it occur and to get relief using herbal medicines.

Migraine Remedies

Herbal Treatment for Migraine
Migraine is a one-side headache that keeps throbbing and the pain is unbearable. For those, who have taken several medicines and have gone in vain, they can choose this herbal treatment.

This herbal treatment does not cure migraine completely, but provides relief. The person suffering from migraine can bear the pain as this herbal medicines work on the blood vessels. Blood vessels play major role in causing migraine because of their dilution.

Therefore, feverfew is one such herbal medicine in Europe countries mostly in order to give pain relief to patients. This has the capacity to inhibit the source, which dilates blood vessels and causes migraine. It contains parthenolide, a plants ingredient that works for the purpose.

When does migraine occur?
Migraine headache is severe headache on one side of the head due to disorders in any part of the body. It can be due to Mal-functioning of liver or some digestion problem. Other factors that cause migraine can be stress in most of the cases.

If the muscles of your neck and head get strained, then suddenly the person can get severe migraine. Actually, blood flow is disturbed when muscles squeeze the arteries. Only when the person relaxes, blood flow comes to normal again. At this point of time, with every heartbeat pumping of blood occurs, pushing the vessels. This causes more pain.

Migraine relief using Herbal Medicines

Using Grape Juice

You can make use of Grapes that are ripe by making juice. This simple and effective method can prove effective if made at home. However, consume the ripe grape juice without water for further results.

Using Niacin

Niacin is the best method used for reducing the severe pain. It has vitamins such as yeast, wheat and green leafy vegetables. It is also major supplier of tomatoes, nuts, and fish and sunflower seeds. Therefore, those who have severe migraine can consume Vitamin I, containing 100mg of Niacin and get relief.

Using cabbage leaf compress
• Compress the cabbage leaves after they dry
• Wrap them in a cloth and place on your forehead for some time
• Using fresh leaves is essential for pain relief.

Using lemon crust

It has proved that many people who have been suffering from migraine from long time have relief from pain now. Grind the lemon crust and apply as a pack on the forehead for pain relief.

Using vegetable juice

Mixture of certain vegetable can prove effective for those in pain.
• Mixture of spinach juice of 200ml and carrot juice of 300ml
• Mixture of Beet and cucumber juice of 100ml with carrot juice of 300ml


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