Home Remedies for Reducing Hair Loss

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Here are the top 13 hair loss remedies which you can try at your home using home ingredients.

Home Remedies for Reducing Hair Loss

The average person usually loses hundred hairs daily what is considered a normal fall. But when that number increases either when combing the hair or the hair falls over clothing to worry because this is not normal washing. The causes of hair loss there are different reasons why the hair falls out, these reasons may be anemia, problems, feeling overwhelmed stress, skin diseases, circulatory problems and genetic or hereditary predisposition.

In women, hair loss can occur due to hormonal changes either when you have a period after giving birth and during menopause. But these problems are solvable and there are many home remedies to stop hair fall, among them we can find:

Remedy # 1: To stop hair loss and produce growth is suggested as a remedy rub once a day the hair root with the leaf of aloe vera. Let it dry on the head and then washed with water.

Remedy # 2: As a hair loss treatment at home, you should massage the head with fish liver oil every night to sleep with the substance in the head and wash it the next day.

Remedy # 3: To prevent hair loss home remedy should be mixed with lemon juice, onion then rub the scalp for a few minutes and remove with water.

Remedy # 4: Another home remedy to stop hair loss is to massage your hair with cabbage leaves juice.

Remedy # 5: This home remedy is to improve circulation, suggested putting the head down for five minutes to get off the blood flow to the head and enough to stimulate hair growth blood.

Remedy # 6: If you want a lush hair, beat four egg whites and place the head sigh, massage for a few minutes and then wash with rose water, rum and water.

Remedy # 7: Another remedy is to apply coconut milk to prevent hair loss. With coconut water all over the head in circular motions rubbed and then washed with water.

Remedy # 8: To prevent hair loss, apply a lotion Nettle which is prepared with a cup of nettle that a liter of boiling water is placed, allowed to stand overnight and the next day apply .

Remedy # 9: To stop hair loss, a tomato is chopped in half and rubs each part of the scalp, let it dry and wash normally.

Remedy # 10: A paste made from milk with Zafran is prepared, it is applied all over the scalp and let it dry overnight, removed the next day.

Remedy # 11: Another home remedy is to boil guava leaves in one liter of water is massaged on the scalp at least twice a week.

Remedy # 12: Try to cut hair at Crescent Moon, if you cut into Waning Moon will not grow.

Remedy # 13: That does not keep falling into another home remedy is hair cut garlic in half and rub on the scalp, place olive oil and cover with a cap, sleep with it and the next day he removed with shampoo rosewater.

These are most common home remedies which you can try at your home good luck.


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