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The old folks aren´t idiots and they know well what suits them best. A home helper would do well respecting their likes and lifestyle besides tackling on the basic care.

Home help training hints

As world population age because of extended life expectancy, home help work should be one to consider if one´s young enough and is in good form as this work requires from us to be in good form not only physically, but also mentally.
It´s hard work, but it can also be a rewarding one, because the elderly will thank every little thing we are to do for rhem and, in fact, what they long most is someone to knock on their doors, a bit of conversation and, perhaps, to stop for a cuppa with them.
This type of work requires patience and basic training if one´s to look after someone who is bedridden or has to sit on a wheelchair.
- Roll a plastic sheet and a big towel under them. One will first roll the plastic sheet and the towel inside as though it was a sausage to place it by their side along them. Move this person gently so as to be able to reach for one end of the plastic sheet, passing it under this person. You´ll be able to extend it by moving this person on one side and the other gently to get the plastic sheet and towel underneath. Then, remove their clothes to wash them, using gloves for such a purpose.
This will always be a way to make a bed in case this person has to stay in bed, but the linen has to be changed. One will roll the bottom sheet and will try to pass it underneath, moving them one side and the other gently.
Some of these folks need someone to get them out of the bed and to sit on a wheelchair. Some of them are less able than others and being in bed and on a wheelchair will get them to be less agile. This is a skilled job and requires some training.
- Move this person as close to edge of the bed as possible and try to sit them up, provided they can stand up on their feet. If they can´t stand up, they´ll be sitting on the edge of the bed, but looking at the wall and with their wheelchair placed at their back. Pass your arms around them under their armpits to drag them gently towards the wheelchair. By placing one´s arms around them and under their armpits, one will avoid harming each other.
the fact that they´re old doesn´t mean that they´re idiots. It´s very common that youngish home helps treat them as though these folks didn´t know that they have to eat, to wash themselves or to take their medicines. They bloody well know this and more. My advice is to do things as they want them to be done, without pretending we know better, because we´re younger ones.
Many of these folks that live on their own at home are well able to live on their own with a little help from someone else. They´ve reached to an age when they don´t care much if the house isn´t spotless or they don´t have this or that. What they appreciate most is someone calling on them once in a while to hold on a conversation and, perhaps, to have a cup of tea. For them the cleaning can wait.
It´s true that an elderly one won´t eat eat well or, more often than not, they´ll eat just anything. A home helper is always told that food, personal and home cleanliness are the three basic issues to tackle, because a home helper won´t stay long with them. However, when it comes to food, many have they´re habits and these have to be respected.
I was once going to a lady to whom I was supposed to shop for food for her and, perhaps, to leave her something cooked. However, I never achieved to get money from her to go to the shops. Invaribly, she claimed that it was way to early for supper and I. invaribly, responded that perhaps, later on, she´d be hungry... No way. late in the evening, when I wasn´t there, she´d leave home to go to a near bar to have whatever took her fancy and a bottle of beer. To anyone its likes, I thought.

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