Homemade beverages that help in acne – Learn About It!

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Cucumber is regarded as one of the useful vegetables which can help with the acne problems. Therefore, you can find that people in some countries would like to make the cucumber juice for helping acnes. If you are interested in that, you should read more.

Homemade beverages that help in acne – Learn About It!

First of all, you should find the good cucumbers. You need to find those which are having the dark green colour and they should havethe bumpy surface. Usually, the cucumbers which are less than 20 cm long would be enough for you to make the cucumber juice.

You have to peel off the cucumber skin because the skin is usually waxed and they might be treated with some chemicals. Therefore, you need to remove it. If you do not want to peel off the skin, you can choose some of the organic cucumbers so that no chemicals are applied there and you can keep the skin.

You need to slice the cucumbers. You can choose any way to do it. If you prefer using a knife, you can feel free to do so as long as you can slice it without hurting yourself.

Then, you can place the slices into the carafe and fill it with water. You can use ice water or water of room temperature.

You need to put the cucumbers in the water and let it soak there for at least one hour. Then, the nutrients from the cucumbers would go to the water. For example, potassium, vitamin A, etc, would go to the water so that the water would be rich in nutrients. This is the juice of cucumbers.

Yes, you do not need to blend it. This cucumber juice would be something that people would love because they do not need to have the sticky cucumber juice which is usually made after blending.

But whenever you try to make the juice, you have to bear in mind that it is not good if you add sugar to the juice. Adding sugar would harm the benefits of the nutrients from the cucumber so it is not good for you to do so. On the other hand, you should try to replace other juice drinks or soft drinks by cucumber juice. You are advised to drink the juice before or after every meal so that the effect would show up gradually. Some of the studies have found that sugar would be one of the causes of acnes. Therefore, you should maintain a sufficient intake of sugar but not an excessive one. Otherwise, you definitely will fail to enjoy the benefits from the juice.

You should understand that the beneficial nutrients from cucumber would not cause immediate change in the acne problem. Therefore, you should be patient and keep drinking the juice for a certain period of time, such as a month. This would help you understand more about the real effect of the juice and you would be able to have a happy face after the period of drinking the juice.


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