Hospital nurses who don't disclose Aids patients to others workers

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If you're working in a hospital, you should beware of co-workers not telling you of their aids patients

Hospital doesn't tell workers about aids patients

If you're working in the hospital, you have to be on the lookout for yourself sometimes cause there will be time when you might not get all the information that you need and it's a risky to be working with people that have aids and you don't know it. I'm sure nurses know but sometimes, supportive personnel do not all that they need to know.

I was working at a nursing home where the director there told us that we have no right to look at patient's chart when we are directly caring for them and potentially can catch their viruses or bacteria. I thought that this institution is wrong. I'm not wrong for thinking that way cause their nursing home failed the state survey for years now and the state is about to take over. When you work for such employer, you have to look out for yourself cause they don't do everything that they're supposed to do. They are behind from other institution in a lot of ways.

I guess it would make anyone angry to find out that they are working with an aids patient but have never been told by their nurse or manager or doctor. There are a lot of support staff in the hospital that don't always have time or get a chance to look at the chart so they rely on a little friendly reminder. I guess it depends on what hospital you work at, in what state and how good the staff is trained. When I was working in CA, the nurses would always tell me if the patients had aids and if I should stay in the room or just get out. The nurses on my floor they would always pull me aside and tell me and then told me to be careful and get out as soon as I can. They are always looking out for their co-workers but that's not the case in NV. NV people don't look out for their co-workers. They couldn't even tell their staff that a patient had aids. The floor manager or supervisor couldn't even tell you that and they're responsible for your safety while you're on their clock.

My experience

I was working at some of the top notch hospital here in Las Vegas and nurses couldn't even tell me that their patients had aids. I happened to me on a few occasion and it really upset me because I was working very closely with the patients and was in contact their surroundings and personal bodily fluid. Of course, I would always wear gloves and protective coverings but you just never know and some sort of warning could make you extra careful. This is the reason why I really dislike the health care system in Las Vegas. If you do a research on Las Vegas health care system, you will rarely get good recommendation cause people in this state just
doesn't care.

I was working at Dessert Spring ER and one of the patient had aids and the nurses was in front of me the whole time that I was helping my patient and she never told me that he had aids and I have to find out later. I was so close to all of his stuff. I was very angry but I didn't say anything to them. However, just out of courtesy, they could have just pull me aside and told me. I know we are supposed to protect ourselves from these harmful things but aids is a deadly disease and it's not like other diseases where there is a cure. I was very disappointed at that nurse and even the floor supervisor who couldn't even say one thing to protect their employee.

They say it's to protect the patients privacy. Well there is no such thing as privacy when it comes to your direct care worker. We are caring for them so we have every right to know if they have something that we should protect ourselves from as this is the case in CA. You can look at anyone's chart in CA if you wanted to as long as you're an employee and I feel like that should be the law in Las Vegas too. If you are touching them in some way, you have every right to know that they have aids so you can protect yourself from it. Vegas is very behind in a lot of thing. It is embarrassing to say that you can't allow healthcare workers to know what kind of illness the patient had when caring for them. If I don't know that he had broken his right leg, I could be pulling on his right leg when I care for him and that would break it even more. If I didn't know that a patient had paranoid problems, and if I crack a joke in front of her, she might go nuts. I have to know what my patient have if I will be caring for them directly.

This is where healthcare in Vegas go wrong. They will injure more patients this way and cause more damages then not if they don't allow health care workers to read their chart and see where there problems are. It's almost like a joke to not allow employees to know what their patients have. How will I protect them from injuries and from harm or malpractice if I don't even know what they have.
I was at St. Rose Dominican and I was also not told that a patient there have aids also. I was very upset and I told my co-workers about his illness so she will be careful. This hospital employee would go into the room with aids patients, take out their vital machine and then use it on everyone else. How would you feel if you were that patient that had to use the same machine that an aids person have. Wow, I really do applaud St. Rose for training their employee this way. If you have to get health care and you're not from Vegas, just know that their hospitals here are a disaster and you are better off getting care in your own state.


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