Hot flashes: associated causes

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Night and day sweats can be caused by other reasons than menopause, some underlining health issues could be the cause. Knowing what causes these sweats can be of importance for a person experiencing them.

Night and day sweats

Causes of night and day sweats

Night sweats are normally associated with menopause. Menopause is the time in a woman's body when the ovaries stop producing eggs for conception and her monthly menstrual cycle begins to stop or ceases all together. This is a natural progression in life for a woman's body, but often times women who are in the stages of menopause will experience hormone shifts which can lead to those dreaded night or day sweats.

These night and day sweats (hot flashes) can leave a woman with ill tempers, soaked bodies and the need for something cool to drink or a cold shower to cool the body down. If these night and day sweats are controllable then a doctor doesn't necessarily need to be contacted, but if they become so persistent that a woman isn't able to control the emotions that come with this change in life, consulting a doctor might be a good thing to do.

Menopause alone isn't the only culprit for day and night sweats. Often times a person's body will send signals that it isn't well or that something is going on which needs to be addressed medically. Some situations which can bring on night and day sweats in men and women are chemotherapy, diabetes, tuberculosis, cancer, migraines, and anti-depressants.

Chemotherapy is a treatment used most often to fight cancer cells. Chemotherapy can lower estrogen levels in a woman, estrogen being that hormone which helps regulate a woman's cycle in her body. If, because of chemotherapy, a woman's estrogen levels are low she could experience night sweats and day sweats. The same can be said for men who are taking chemotherapy for one treatment or another. For men it's testosterone and not estrogen though.

Diabetes is a metabolic disease which affects the level of blood sugar in the body. When the blood sugar level in a body is to high it sends the sugar levels skyrocketing. In this case insufficient insulin is being produced causing a deficiency. Since the body is out of whack, body temperatures can fluctuate, leaving a person sweating and thirsty.

When a person is taking anti-depressants to help combat the chemical imbalance within the brain, oft times side effects can occur. Though some of these side-effects can be mild they are still annoying, like dealing with day and night sweats. Overloading a delicate and well balanced system with external chemicals is bound to create unpleasant side effects.

While there might be some medical treatments for severe cases of day and night sweats, usually these are not harmful, just uncomfortable. A cool compress at the nape of the neck, a nice cold drink of water, or a shower to refresh oneself is a good way also to help deal with these bothersome moments.

Do seek the advice of a doctor when or if these sweats start occurring regularly. As mentioned above, night or day sweats can be a sign of something else far worse than the change of life.


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