Housebound: Is not an illness. Just a challange.

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These are my thought on recovery, from a ruptured bowel, I hope it will encourage others that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. About dealing with your indepence taken away from you. Words of encouragement.

Housebound, Is not an illness. Just a challange.

HOUSE BOUND: Is a horrible situation to be in. To wake up one morning to find, all you treasure, ripped away from underneath you.

That life as you knew it, has washed away like a wave crashing in, then withdrawing, with all you find precious swept away with it.

FEEL ALONE NO MORE: I know how you feel, I was confined to my lazy boy for six months.
I am so aware that not everyone has this luxury, I was unable to do simple and easy chores, reliant on my partner to nurse me.
All independance ripped away from me, not a nice feeling, as each day bought different challenges, my mind was going stir crazy, bored, and sore, I needed things to occupy me, as days seemed endless. I was one of the lucky ones, reminding myself often that my situation in the future will change, once I have a reversal, my stoma will be gone, and life will return to what it once had been.

I kept thinking illness is not a disability, just a challenge. I reminded myself often.

I SURVIVED: I set up goals for me to achieve, I started to think ilness is not a disability just a challange, these words gave me inspiration and hope to go on.

My goal WAS to set up a website, A site dedicated to individuals who have struggled and survived , with imformation and support for each other. Letting people know there is light at the end of the rainbow. This I have achieved.

My goal is to let people know illness is not a disability, just a change of life. You just need to change your outlooks, shuffle a few things around, then get back on track. You dont need to feel lonely and trapped inside, instead I will help you get 100's of friends and be so entertained you wont have enough hours left to the day. Instead you will wake every morning with a sense of achievement and encouragement.

Surf the nett have fun playing hangman,etc, FREE traffic exchanges, I am hooked on and spend hours playing there games. Meet the traffic showdown girls and be rewarded, Splash around and receive credits, These sites are brillant and FREE. No more boring moments. .
Who says its a bore to be stuck at home. I love it, Ive made it fun. Lifes harsh there is no magic wands.
Your allowed to grieve over what you have lost, but there has to be a time to pull deep within, and start to claim back a sense of well being.

Bookmark this site as I GUARANTEE you will return often.

Let your experiences help others to recover at a quicker space, in the knowledge others have tackled their situation head on and survived.

Im going to leave my footsteps in the sand, Make New Zealander's more aware about colostomy's and have support for those who do. If local email me join our stoma support club, we meet once a month, play bingo, etc, support each other.


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Due to major surgery in 2009, I was forced to shut shop after 20 years. Determined not to feel sorry for myself I decided to swing the situation around to my benefit.

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9th Oct 2011 (#)

Where is your website? Is there a facility for single people to flirt and explore? We need one

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