How Big Is Your Box?

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This article was written to help people understand the process of reality and how we operate within it!

Reality And Spiritual Awareness

Today's article is about how our perceptions create and maintain our reality about ourselves and the world around us. Most people today do not understand, not only what reality is but how it affects us in our daily lives. From the time we are able to begin to understand that there is existence outside of ourselves (usually between the ages of 1 to 3 years old) we start to create a reality based on the information coming into our senses and our emotional responses to that data. This is our first box!

This first occurs from what we begin to learn from our immediate family environment, i.e., mother, father, siblings, grand parents and how THEY respond emotionally to what they experience. This initial program instills a replication of THEIR basic program. For example, if you were taught by someone in your immediate family unit that it does not feel safe to openly express yourself then you will form a program that causes you to hold back your communications with the outside world in some form.

The basic reason we are taught things at an early age and on throughout life is to integrate ourselves into our immediate environment and the particular customs within those cultures. This is how we are taught to learn as a race on this planet and how our reality is formed is directly related to what our teacher perceive is possible.

The nature of reality is a fascinating subject to me because even though we can agree on certain things that can exist as a group (group reality) this concept is still determined by those things that have been learned by someone in the past. And even when we agree on a group reality it is still "colored" by the emotion polarities (good/bad, right,wrong, etc.,) that were instilled in the teaching process. Take this to the next level and you can see how our lives and how we feel about the conditions of our lives are easily and quietly created by the information we receive via the media and and television.

One of the things about reality that is fascinating to me is that we can only perceive what our current knowledge and experience allows and that nothing truly exists outside of our own reality. In other words, we can only live life from the inside out …… there is nothing outside ourselves that we didn’t originally create from within based on the events that have occurred in our lives and the emotional polarity (good or bad) we have been taught or programmed to believe about them.

These beliefs about our reality form our box that we operate from and we therefore allow all possibilities within that particular box. Another thing I found interesting is that we also reflect our reality from the inside out (based on our programs) onto those around us and see characteristics in them that are really reflections our ourselves.

To me this can be represented not only the limitations of living in a box but more so the limitations of living in a "mirrored" box!

Most of us that are aware of how the human mind and reality operate can perceive that yes, I am limited (boxed) by the extent of my current knowledge and perceptions (reality) that is created in that process. Since our box is nothing more than how we live our lives through current patterns and behaviors we can learn to expand that box by seeking greater knowledge within that box or we can seek something completely different by learning to accept that our box is limited and reaching for things completely outside of the box or current inner reality.

On the one hand we can change the dynamics of our box by learning what we don't know (expanding the size of the current box) or we can begin to allow thought about things that we didn't know that we didn't even know (taking the lid off the current box)!

One thing I have been able to determine within my reality is that we need the box not only to feel safe but to also categorize new information that comes to us from what ever process and information we choose to create the expansion. And since we project our own experiences into our life's journey because of the mirrored box we create around ourselves to cause the illusion of a journey to begin with we will always have the box effect within our reality process.

Since living in a three dimensional world view requires the need to determine our reality by creating this way it then makes total sense because we cannot have a box to begin with with at least three dimensions (height, width, length).

So how do we continue to expand or get past this process of creating bigger and bigger boxes? The only way that I have been able to determine this is to choose to operate from the unattached perspective of the observer and to view my life's process from over the top of my own box which also allows me to gather information from a point outside of a three dimensional belief system. When we operate from that point we have the opportunity to view our lives from a place that isn't determined by a reference point in time or space.

But of course, isn't operating from that perspective just viewing my existence from another box?

Hmmmm .....

In a future article I will talk about certain tools available to us that can allow this out of the current box learning!


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