How Castor Oil Help Improve the Appearance and Health of Your Eyelashes?

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Eyelashes are one of the slowest growing hairs on the body. The desire among most people to develop long lashes in a faster way is on the increase.

How Castor Oil Help Improve the Appearance and Health of Your Eyelashes?

Eyelashes are one of the slowest growing hairs on the body. The desire among most people to develop long lashes in a faster way is on the increase. This has led to the development of a variety of products allegedly intended for hair growth and in particular, eyelash growth. Some of the products give a false appearance of long lashes; other products offer no change while others stay true to their word and influence growth. Distinguishing between these many products is challenging and tedious. A simpler solution is by using natural remedies to attain your desired eyelash appearance. One of the most effective natural remedies includes the use of castor oil.

What is castor oil?
Castor oil is a naturally occurring oil that is extracted from the castor bean of the castor oil plant. It is made of highly concentrated unsaturated fats. Due to its attractive features, castor oil has been used as a component in many products such as soaps, cosmetic products and moisturizers. Castor oil has a variety of user one of which is in the treatment of hair loss. Its unsaturated state makes it have a thick consistency. Castor oil is present in two forms:

Refined castor oil, which is characterized by its clear of pale yellow color
Unrefined castor oil, which is characterized by a dark color pigment

Is castor oil effective for eyelash growth?
This is a question asked by many. The effectiveness of castor oil can be measure by the solutions its offers for different problems. Castor oil stimulates the growth of lashes by increasing the flow of blood to the eyelids thus transporting nutrients to the lashes. The oily nature of the castor oil conditions and moisturizes the lashes preventing them from breaking. The nutrients present in castor oil such as vitamins assist in breaking down keratin thus encouraging the growth of healthy eyelashes. The secret of thicker eyelashes is Castor oil which contains omega 6 and 9 that are essential for the growth of eyelashes.

How is castor oil safer than other eyelash growth products?
Nature can never steer you wrong. The use of natural elements overpowers other elements due to the lack of contamination and little or no side effects. Castor oil is a natural vegetable oil. Based on this aspect, castor oil provides pure, uncontaminated, and concentrated nutrients to the body. These nutrients enhance the healthy growth of thicker, longer and darker lashes. Since castor oil is made of unsaturated fats, this acts as a moisturizer to the eyelashes. It locks in the moisture thus preventing brittleness.

Being a natural oil with no chemical additives, castor oil has minimal or no records of adverse side effects to its users. Unlike chemical components that would cause skin and eye irritations and even dehydrate the lashes, castor oil soothes the skin around the eyes and causes the growth of healthy eyelashes.

What is the best way to apply castor oil to your lashes?
The effectiveness of the castor oil in enhancing eyelash growth largely depends on how it is applied. If the castor oil is too thick for application, it can be diluted by using other natural oils such as olive oil or almond oil that also enhance the growth of healthy lashes. These thinner oils will reduce the thickness of the castor oil making it easy to apply. For optimal results, the following steps should be adhered to:

Cleanse the face paying great attention to the eye area to ensure that all eye beauty make-up is washed away.

With clean hands, collect a little amount of the castor oil on to the tip of your finger. This is to avoid unnecessary spilling or application of too much oil.

Using your thumb and your index finger, smoothen out the oil onto the fingertip to facilitate easy application. Gently spread the oil onto the lashes using a root to tip motion.

Ensure all eyelashes are coated with the oil. Using a clean cotton ball, wipe off any excess castor oil from your eyelashes.

These steps should be repeated daily for at least 4 weeks during the night before heading to bed. The castor oil should be washed off the next morning.

Castor oil offers an inexpensive 'do it yourself' solution. This natural home remedy helps the individual in more than one way. Castor oil help eyelashes to grow back and make them strong. It also enhances the thickness and the darkness as well. It maintains the flexibility of the lashes so as to avoid breakage. It reflects no user side effects thus ensuring only the best results.


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