How Does Someone Become A Sociopath?

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There are two very distinct theories on how someone ends up a
sociopath or diagnosed as one. Many experts in psychology and
mental health believe that there is a genetic component that decides
whether you are sociopathic, (which means you have no choice) or it
is a learned behaviour by what you have experienced as a child.
Sociopaths can often be from abusive or neglectful parents or carers.
So it’s either environmental or it’s genetic.

Sociopaths Are Usually Made Not Born

For many people suffering this personality disorder which is what this is, usually the parents or parent are or were sociopaths too and created a very antisocial home life for child. Children like this usually are subjected to aggression, insecurity and from their mother or father they adopt the same behaviour patterns and personality traits. A sociopathic diagnosis can also come from children of alcoholics or drug users who were not secure in family life and never got to live as a child should.

Children with sociopathic tendencies or antisocial behaviour will quite often be aggressive at an early age, perhaps ten years old, perhaps younger. The abandonment issues that these kids harbour from an early age also fuels this aggression. Their anti-social behaviour is normal to them. Children with this problem will often bully younger or smaller kids or be cruel to animals. They may even be prone to setting fires. They are insecure and scared inside, and the acts of violence and aggressive behaviour makes them feel as though they are in control.

When children develop personalities such as this, they have essentially become their parents; which is normal; we all do this. Our personalities are shaped and formed by how we are treated as children. Usually the parents of a sociopath are sociopaths too. These kids suffer from an underdeveloped ego which is often the result of an difficult relationship with a parent or parents. If children do not have comfort, security and safety with their parents they often turn to violence and try to find a way to protect themselves. When a child grows up and becomes an adult, he or she will hurt or control others to have a sense of control in their lives.

Do you have a partner who fits this criteria? Some sociopaths seem like normal people, however they will have one thing in common, an inability to feel empathy for others. Many sociopaths can be abusive and nasty to their spouses and will often not recognise when they have hurt your feelings.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
21st Mar 2013 (#)

The best case is my husband, whom his mother beat to make him study and become the first rank student in school. He had a history of sexual abuse and violation from childhood and even told me of his habits starting from year 9 of schooling wherein I was aware of his lower half in action before age.
His mother also never allowed him to be the man he had to be controlling his finances to the extent that he even paid her rent to stay in the place while we were newly married.
I am shocking you aren't I, well, I always do, well known for it in person and in writing as this is who I am and and want to be.

Husband lost his first girlfriend because of excessive persistence, the second was married with a kid and husband died because she cheated, third wanted fun before her wedded life began, the others were office colleagues, one was my classmate and then came the Holy Joe me who married him for better or for worse till death do us part in Scotland and lived with him as he cheated within the confines of the marriage and starting 2004 and then making open declarations about it since till date.
He has lost his mental balance now thanks to his mummy's ingraining and brother providing his wife for satiation while in Bombay in December and refusing his own family and child while he stayed with us for a week.

His habits includes ogling at women, recalling them as classmates and celebrities, calling all sister and mother and what not because he doesnot want to get caught, looking at the thighs and in between of the nieghbours in full view of the wife (ask Pratima Rao on his Facebook she is the one), calling women younger than himself daughters (making me one too as I am seven years his junior) and then coming and producing proof of his cheating and his mummy disowning wife for the concubine and getting them them married with family blessing while me, the real wife is thrown out of the family despite being still legally wed and with a legal proven fist born son that they all deny is his despite the same blood group and features like him.

Well he is in Australia wallowing in self pity in Parmatta or whatever, never been outside the airport in Australia and never will because of what he did.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
21st Mar 2013 (#)

Oh yea, the concubine put in a mental asylum and got proof of that too on email apart from documentation.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
21st Mar 2013 (#)

Check the Family Background and you will see wehy and look at the behavioural patterns and you will see the build up.
Mine had temper and violence along with eccentricities.
Contact him and get the story out, his side and you can also hate me along with him if you like....

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
21st Mar 2013 (#)

13year relationship with 11 years 4 months and days in marriage and he openly cheated starting 2006 while I gave birth to his first born.

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author avatar Kingwell
25th Mar 2013 (#)

I like your article very much. I have felt for some time that such people have no choice in the matter.How are they to be treated? I don't think punishment is ever the answer.

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author avatar Judy Ellen
1st Apr 2013 (#)

I love this article and in fact have been thinking alot about this subject! All the mass murderers have been sociopaths!! You are so right about the home environment being the most important element to a child's development! Many parents are too busy advancing themselves materialistically to take the time to give their children the love and security they so desperately need!! Sometimes a family has to settle for an older home instead of a new one and maybe even consider home schooling if the public school system is not safe enough. With God anything is possible!!

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author avatar Janelle Coulton
6th Apr 2013 (#)

There are many serial killers who are sociopaths, however some are not; some are psychopathic. There is a stigma attached to these terms and what makes it even harder is medical professional and mental health specialist can definitively say where both disorders come from. Both sociopathy and Psychopathy are termed as a personality disorder and believe me when I say these people know exactly what they are doing, they commit crime, they are aware it is wrong. Whereas someone who is psychotic and has delusions, hears voices etc possibly may not have any idea that their actions are wrong. Scientists believe that psychopaths are born and sociopaths are made. I too, feel that society is to blame for these people growing up the way they do. If we did not promote this narcissistic attitude to have it all, we might be doing better. Most sociopaths have unhealthy degree of narcissism too, and this personality trait comes from childhood. Thanks everyone for reading and your positive comments.

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author avatar Joe
2nd Aug 2014 (#)

I myself am a sociopath but I've learned to realize it. That I think has help me to recover to some degree as I kid I killed small animals cats frogs turtles etc to cause the pain I felt inside onto another living creature. As a teenager I started doing it to random strangers. But having a child has really helped me for one I know I finally have some one I can trust and let my guard down point it can be controlled if one understands and accepts there problem

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author avatar Lynne Cottam
22nd Sep 2014 (#)

Well apart from feeling an idiot,having been take in by a sociopath,I'm also extremely angry.
14 years I endured his bizarre behaviour,only standing up to him at the sons drove 1300 miles to collect me and I just left. Before I went,I told him he was nothing but a liar and manipulator, bearing in mind,I'd actually found out about some of his biggest lies,and he stared me straight in the face,and just said,he'd never ever lied to me.
Coming to terms with it,is the biggest issue for me,and just keep asking myself,why???
Everyone else saw it,before me,and maybe I'd just become,brainwashed.
At this moment in time,I feel I never want another relationship,but I bet he'll be in another one shortly. Poor woman,that's all I can say :-/

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