How I Healed Myself from Ulcerative Colitis

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The 4 Steps I took to heal Ulcerative Colitis
1. Got diagnosed
2. Got a perscription
3. Changed my diet and added some supplements
4, Changed my lifestyle to reduce stress

My Journey

I have suffered with ulcerative colitis since I was 50 till about 60 yrs old. I am now 66. I have been much improved for about 4 years and the last 2 years have been relatively symptom free. I have now been symptom free for 6 months and if I continue to do well I will consider going off my medication which is very low dose anyway. The medication had a stabilizing effect but it did not take care of all of the symptoms and I continued to have painful episodes though not as frequent.
Along the way I have discovered many helpful supplements and dietary changes which I think may ultimately lead to full healing of my condition. Even now I am happy about the outcome. I have more energy than I have had for many years and don’t have to worry about traveling any more . Of course I realize that healing is a very individual process but I write this in the hope that some of my suggestions may be helpful to others with inflammatory bowl disease.
My process is broken down into steps to make it clearer and easier to follow.

Step 1

Get diagnosed. It is helpful to know what you are dealing with. And get on the proper medication even if it’s only temporarily to give yourself some relief and rest from the worst of the symptoms. Eat only cooked foods at first . Eliminate sugar, wheat and dairy as much as possible yogurt and cottage cheese are OK. Eliminate processed foods and eat a little lean meat or fish every day as well as eggs. If the symptoms are very bad eat only congee (rice porridge) for a few days. You can eat it with a little flax oil or soy or almond milk and a little maple syrup or honey. Nuts are hard to digest but nut butters may be OK. Also eliminate coffee, black tea , alcohol and citrus fruits because of their acidity. If you think you might have allergies or celaic disease get tested.
Over the last year I have been able to relax my diet a bit and slowly re-introduce some ocassional treats.

Step 2

2.Try to maintain an alkaline system by eating mostly fruit and vegetables. Obtain a chart on line which rates the acid /alkaline content of foods on a scale. To help your system stay alkaline keep a water bottle with your days supply always handy and put a couple of teaspoons of baking soda in it.To heal the intestines, make a smoothy in the morning with a banana, 2 heaping tbsp flax meal,2 heaping tbsp aloe vera gel, 2tsp maca root gelatinous powder , 2 tbsp probiotic yogurt,1tsp fish oil; add grape juice or any other alkaline juice as desired. I use grape juice and soy milk. (yum!) Use Ph test strips to test urine ph it should be around 7 and never lower than 6. The Maca root will give you energy. The flax meal,and aloe vera will sooth and help to heal the intestinal lining and the probiotic yogurt will promote the growth of normal intestinal flora.


3. Re-evaluate your life style. Eliminate stress as much as possible; it exacerbates the symptoms. Be good to yourself. Do the things you love and take up stress reducing activities eg. walks in nature, meditation, breathing practices. Sleep as much as you need to. Those who have been seriously ill realize how precious time is. Do what you came to do. And if you need to make changes that affect someone else realize whatever is good for you is good for them too whether they know it or not at the time. I took up deep breathing,meditation, walking and yoga and they have added so much enjoyment to my life.

Step 4

4. I know supplements are expensive, but vitamin D is relatively cheap and protects against colon cancer as well as many other diseases. Also a multi would be good. Your body needs all the support it can get for the healing process. If you can afford it add extra E and A for healing the lining of the intestine.And it would be wise to take a wide range pro-biotic to support the intestinal flora.

Hint: When suffering from cramps take valerian tincture ( you may need more than the dosage on the bottle) When having a flare up Valerian capsules taken with meals and at bedtime can help. Valerian smooths out and slows the intestinal contractions. However do not take this herb when performing activities , such as driving, which requires alertness.
Above all don't give up. Healing takes time;but if you're willing to make the changes it can be done.


I have been feeling better and better on this regimen, but still have to take a low dose of mesaline. Recently I ran across an article on a specific probiotic which has proved to be just as effective as the drug. I am planning to discuss the article with the doctor and see if she will prescribe me some to try. See article here I will let you know how it goes.

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