How I deal with the common cold and flu viruses

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A look at what I do at the first signs of a cold in order to avoid worsening symptoms and aid a speedy recovery.

How I deal with the common cold and flu viruses

Whenever I notice the first signs of a cold coming on, I immediately try a range of natural home remedies in order to halt it in its track. I’ve never been too fond of taking normal painkillers suggested for cold and flu, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. The way I see it, if you take painkillers you’re hindering the signals that are sent to your brain that tell it that the immune system needs to clear out the viral intruders in your body, with the possibility of prolonging your illness.
So the first action I take is to get a large dose of vitamin C, followed by one of my favourite herbal supplements, Echinacea. The vitamin C fives a great boost in anti-oxidant activity, while the Echinacea is a well known supplement for boosting the immune system. I would say, though that it really is best to take this supplement at the very first signs of a cold or flu, because this is the time when you really need to up your defences to stop the virus from spreading and multiplying, thereby worsening symptoms.
In addition to trying to consume as much orange juice as humanly possible, I also find that taking a very small amount of sodium bicarbonate in water first thing in the morning when I feel a cold coming on. The logic I see behind this is that the sodium bicarbonate is alkaline, and as a general rule, viruses tend to thrive in acidic environments, similarly lemon juice becomes alkaline in the body (as well as providing another hit of vitamin C!) so I take a drink of lemon and honey (honey being great for the immune system) also in the morning and throughout the day.
Pretty much anything I can put my hand to that supercharges the immune system is utilised in my attempts to avoid falling further into any illness, this has often brought about swift results, thankfully, and the main benefit is that I’m not consuming unnatural substances in my attempts!


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