How I overcame my eating disorder

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This is a page to help people who either have eating disorders or go through diet fads. Eating disorders and diet fads nearly ruined my body and my looks. I will be discussing many issues in this article, including body image.

The difference between an Eating Disorder and a Diet fads

Many people including some professionals have often mistaken a diet fad for being an eating disorder. Having been through both, I can say they are two different things, and I know it is very important to be able to recognize this in order to help someone who has these issues.

A Diet fad is routine, often from a book that comes and goes. They are usually used by people who are wishing to temporarily lose weight. An example of these is the Atkins Diet which is mostly protein. Many people use this, because it misleads you into believing that you will get a flat stomach. However that is not true, as soon as you stop these diets, you will put weight on straight away.

An eating disorder is caused by the person's thinking. A person will have poor body image, low self esteem, and deep rooted feelings of low self worth. Common causes are rape, sexual abuse and even bullying can cause an eating disorder, as can mental health disorders like post traumatic stress and some personality disorders. Advice is useful, but in extreme cases, professional help is a must

Bulimia and Anorexia Nervosa are eating disorders. They are similar. Except Anorexia causes a person to either eat and then force it back up, or not eat and go on an exercise binge for weeks on end. With Bulimia, a person goes through stages. They may eat and eat and exercise in a bid to stay fit. Cut down eating and exercise by cutting many things out of their diet, including healthy things like bread, meat, eggs etc. Then they will binge again usually on sugar like chocolate and start again.

Problems recognizing the problem

A person with either of these problems will think they have to do this to 'stay healthy and be slim' because they think they are fat, or they may even think it is normal and they do not have a problem and will refuse to see a doctor.

DO NOT force the issue down their throats as this could make it worse. Just try to encourage them to eat healthily by letting them eat with you, and not getting annoyed when they don't eat. You may find several times in the middle of a meal they will make an excuse to go to the toilet. Don't follow them straight away, this will make it worse but if they have been there longer than normal, and refuse to come out. Knock on the door and ask if they are ok, and try to encourage them out by suggesting going for a walk. If it gets worse, then you should seek urgent medical help, you might be best not to tell the person you are calling, because you may scare them and they will run.

Not recognizing the problem is not to do with refusal, they just do not understand what it is. It is better to get a counsellor who has expertise in eating disorders to help the person do this and advice you, than try doing this alone.

Ignore the media

This was a really hard thing for me to do. Slim 'bikini-fit women (are they really fit?) when you have a low body image of your own body can truly degrade your self-esteem as can toned muscled men (I like men with a little weight, at least you know they like food!!).

You have to realize these women and men slave their lives away at a gym and they are constantly monitoring their food to get like this. I'm not saying here it is unhealthy to be moderately slim, what I am saying is constantly counting calories, minding your diet, and freaking out over your weight like some do IS unhealthy, unpractical, and will do you no good emotionally.

Search the web, there are many magazines and catalogues with women who have weight on them, and they look beautiful. Simply Be is one of them. Contrary to popular belief you do not need to be superskinny to be a model, you can and should still enjoy your food.

The 'You have to be slim to be beautiful' syndrome.

This is a myth created by society and the views from media like magazines, newspaper articles, television. It is an endless night mare! Be reassured I am pretty, but I am not extremely slim. I am a size 14 to a 16 in U.K clothing and I am happy this way. You in no way need to be slim to be pretty, it is actually the reverse. A pretty woman is more than skin deep she eats well, drinks well, looks after her self, and cares about her self. True beauty shines through when you do those as I discovered.

I would never go back to fad diets, eating disorders and any thing I did out of desperation to 'feel I look good' My life is good. I eat, drink. sleep, play with make up and clothes, wear make-up, style my hair and even wear a bikini. Life is so short, don't waste it, enjoy it. And trust me you will, with self acceptance and support, get over this, (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is good for eating issues, please see your doctor for more information) and when you do, you won't look back.


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3rd Jun 2015 (#)

very good post. many people will simply listen to the mass hypes and suffer,

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Thanks for a nice and useful article.

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