How Law Of Attraction Can Works For You?

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Law of attraction is not a new idea. It is always been in existence and used to attract deepest desires by many people. In this article, I'll share exact steps that you can used to make law of attraction works for you.

But before that you need to understand what is law of attraction and how it works.

What Is Law Of Attraction and How It Works?

The simple science that works behind law of attraction is metaphysical belief that "like attracts like". If you think positive about something it will bring positiveness into your life and similar is the case with negative thoughts. Think of the happiness, wealth, love or whatever you want and it will be attracted towards you.

Isn't it simple?

Well maybe not as simple as it appears to be.

At this point your biggest worry is the working part of it. I knew that. But what you don't know is... "to understand how it works you first need to understand why it don't works for the majority and only few percentage is actually taking benefit out of it".

The answer is CONFUSION and DISBELIEVE. Thousands of books are written on the subject of law of attraction but still there are lots of doughts about it. Thats is the main cause why it isn't working.

Law of attraction is work on the formula of mother nature. The most strange thing about mother nature is... it has no reasons. You just have to believe in it and its powers and copy down its formula as it is.

Therefore the only way to make law of attraction work for you is to avoid barriers that make it not work for you, i.e doughts. Just have faith in it and its power.

Practice it until you get what you want. Trust me you will.

Use these effective steps to make law of attraction works for you.

Have a Burning Desire

Everything comes into existence with a desire. Not just a desire but a burning desire. A strong enthusiasm for what you want in your life. It could be wealth, health, love or anything.

You've to know definitely what it is that you want.

Few months ago i read a story about a guy who were interviewed by a mind science expert to find out his deepest desire. They had some interesting conversation. I try to recall exact words to explain you the idea.

That guy had the complain that law of attraction isn't working for him. The expert starts interviewing that guy to find out why it isn't.

Expert: Why you join our program(law of attraction)?
Guy: Because I want to get promotion.
Expert: Why do you want to get promotion?
Guy: Because I'll get a raise in my income.
Expert: Why do you want a raise in your income?
Guy: Because I want to save money.
Expert: Why do you want to save money?
Guy: Because I want to buy house.
Expert: Why do you want to buy house?
Guy: Because It is my deepest desire to have my own house.

The guy had deepest desire for the house and his conscious mind say him that he has to get promotion in job to fulfill his desire. Did you remember what I said above, let the mother nature work itself. Don't give it directions. It knows the better way to fulfill your desire so don't ever try to guide it according to your conscious mind ( a limit source of intelligence).

Hope you got the idea.

Ask For It

Once you've a burning desire to have something, the next step is to ask for it. The nature won't give you until you ask for it.

Always use simple and concise language to ask your desire. For example if you want to improve poor self esteem than use the following positive Affirmations to do so.

I am loveable
I am worthy of love and friendship
I accept myself completely
I have a solid sense of self-identity
I see myself realistically and objectively

Few Techniques To Ask What you Want:

1. Meditate daily and repeat positive affirmations several times.
2. Write down positive affirmations on a paper 10 times before you got to bed.
3. Read it when you wake up in the morning.
4. stick it on the wall where you looked many times in a day is also a good idea to make it a reality.

Believe In It

Have complete faith and believe that you'll accomplished your desire, consciously and subconsciously.

Get Into Action

Having desire and ask for it won't make it reality until you work on it. Desire and asking for it fills you with an energy and you've to convert that energy into kinetic energy i.e work on it.

If you have a desire to loss weight than you've to exercise daily. If you want wealth you have to do things that bring wealth in your life. your subconscious will guide you in the right direction but you have to act on its guidance to achieve your goal.

Persistence and concentration on your goal is the key to get success.

Feel Gratitude

Spend few minutes before you sleep, or whatever time you feel best, visualize your self achieving your goal and enjoying it. Try to viualize your self achieving what you want. Try to see your expressions. How happy you're with your goal that is achieved. This will filled your heart with a feeling of gratitude.

After you finished say "Thank You,God". Saying thank you and feeling gratitude in your heart will give your subconscious a positive signal that the desire or goal is near a finished line.

Eventually, you will see a time where it will just appear, as a gift or such, or you may see an opportunity to get what you were asking for.

Take Away

Following these simple steps will help you to cultivate positive attitude towards life and you'll start seeing things with a new perspective, far better than the previous one. Once you get started to respond to nature with love and positivism . You'll start attracting positiveness and love in your life.

Wish you a happy and positive living.


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26th Oct 2011 (#)

This is a beautiful article that very few will appreciate because they don't realize the power of the mind. I believe in the Law of Attraction.

Thank you for drawing me to you and this article! Namaste!

Welcome to Wikinut, Sanam!

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