How Much Do You Want It?

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“We have produced a world of contented bodies and discontented minds” - Adam Clayton Powell

Excuse Me...

How often do you hear people make excuses for not achieving the things that they want? Maybe you’re even guilty of it yourself from time to time. It could be losing weight, being more productive, getting started on a new hobby, cleaning up the house or maybe it’s finally fixing that leaking tap.

Sometimes we are inspired by people who are enthusiastic and motivated. We may, for example, see someone who is in incredibly good shape and that makes us want to hit the gym and start dieting. But somehow all the interest eventually fades away and nothing comes of our well intentioned desires. We’ll do it tomorrow when our schedules are a little lighter or when we have more money saved. There are no shortage of excuses and if we look for them, we will always find “valid” ones that will justify our falling short.

Let’s take the example of losing weight for instance. I use this because it’s quite possibly the most popular goal that people make empty promises about.

It could be getting into good shape and beach ready, or just shedding off some extra baggage. The truth of it is, as with anything else, getting started is the hardest part. And the truth is if you don’t want it enough, you’ll never start taking steps toward it. Don’t worry about all that “start by taking baby steps” stuff yet. If you don’t have a strong enough desire for something, you’re going to procrastinate and not even take those initial small steps.

Keep Telling Yourself That

Here is a list of some excuses that I’ve heard people use, followed by my interpretation of their underlying meaning. Please forgive my sarcasm that will follow as this is a topic that I do feel quite strongly about. I feel that sometimes we all need to hear someone tell it to us like it is without being so polite about it. Tough love I guess. Here goes:

“I don’t have the time. I’m too busy”
Equals “I’m not willing to make time for it”. Really? You don’t have time? But umm… you seem to have time to watch movies, go out for coffee, play video games, go shopping or whatever it is you’re so “busy” with. Well if you’re too busy to look after yourself then I guess you must be a pretty important person.

“There’s no one to work out with”
Equals “I don’t want to learn to motivate myself”. Working out with a partner helps if you need someone to spot you while you lift heavy weights. And of course the extra motivation helps. Extra motivation. There has to be initial motivation on your side to begin with otherwise you’re just a motivational leech. You don’t always need someone to hold your hand.

“I don’t care too much about impressing other people”
Equals “I’m in denial”. Yes if you’re in exceptionally good shape it does impress people around you. And the attention you get is flattering. But all that aside you’re fit, healthy and full of energy. You feel better about yourself even if there is no one else around for you to impress. Now who in their right mind wouldn’t want that? Even if you don’t want to impress others, you can’t tell me you wouldn’t be impressed with yourself if you got into good shape. Ahem! Bubble burst.

“I’m naturally big boned”
Equals “I can’t change it so I won‘t even try”. Big boned?! What does that even have to do with your body fat? You’re saying that if we took an x-ray of you, we would see huge deformed bones that account for your physique. This excuse is the weakest of all because it doesn’t even make any sense. Having big bones just means that you have a bigger frame. There’s plenty of big boned people around who are in good shape. The size of your bones don’t make you fat. Your habits do.

Check Yourself

No doubt you would’ve probably heard some pretty lame excuses as well. I know I’ve used more than my fair share of them. But once in awhile, we should find some time to take look in the mirror and put all the excuses aside. Being brutally honest, if not with others than at least with ourselves, we need to re-evaluate our goals and see which ones are worth more to us. Are you truly happy continuing on the way you are or is it time that you started in a new direction?


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