How To Avoid Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

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Yeast infection during pregnancy is not uncommon. This kind of infection otherwise know as candidiasis is a common occurrence among women and conditions that give rise to it include hormonal changes like pregnancy.

Yeast Infection And Pregnancy

Yeast infection happens when an imbalance in the vaginal environment gives rise to the accumulation of more yeast than is actually normal. On any given day, yeast is found in the vagina but certain conditions occur wherein yeast suddenly grows rapidly and out of control. When this happens, the infected person may experience mild to severe symptoms such as vagina itching, swelling and redness of the vulva, vaginal discharge that looks like cottage cheese but with very little odor. Other symptoms of vaginal yeast infection include pain during intercourse and a burning sensation while urinating.

Treatment For Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

An oral treatment for yeast infection during pregnancy is out of the question. The infection may instead be treated with the usual vaginal cream and suppository however, it is extremely important to ask the advice of a health care professional before undertaking any type of medication especially when pregnant. Even the use of vaginal creams and suppositories may not be advised by your physician.

It is important to consult your doctor about yeast infection during pregnancy even if you do not have the condition yet. Your doctor should be able to help you understand the conditions and teach you the causes and how to be able to avoid it.

What To Do To Avoid Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

Yeast infection during pregnancy can be very uncomfortable. The symptoms that come with the condition can be uncomfortable for most but especially for pregnant women. It is therefore important to try to prevent it from happening to avoid further discomfort plus the dilemma of medicating the condition.

Avoid the use of underwear or jeans, shorts and pants that are too tight. Try to wear only cotton underwears while pregnant. The use of synthetic material like lycra and spandex add to the heat and moisture to the vaginal area. Bacteria and yeast thrive in these conditions so it is best to avoid them.

Avoid also the use of scented soaps and substances that are not designed for maintaining the correct balance of acids and ph in your vagina. Avoid scented bubble baths and sprays and deodorants. These substances have been noted to upset the acidic balance of the vagina which allows the yeast to grow rapidly in number.

If your diet allows it, be sure to take live cultured bacteria everyday in the form of yogurt. Adding yogurt to your diet has been noted to curtail vaginal yeast infection from happening. There are normally both good and bad bacteria and when the bad bacteria wins out, yeast infection ensues. Taking yogurt daily helps boost and support the good bacteria in the vagina.

While yeast infection during pregnancy is quite common, it is not difficult to avoid it. With the right diet, proper hygiene, advice from your doctor and correct daily practices, one should be able to avoid yeast infection.

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