How To Deal With Arthritis When You’re Forty

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Arthritis comes with age. However, you can make it less of a nuisance with the right diet and lifestyle. Take heed of these tips and prevent arthritis from happening to you.

Getting Arthritis

Age has finally caught up with you. Arthritis is a common condition especially among adult men reaching forty years of age more or less. There are different types of arthritis. One may be caused by autonomic responses in the body while another stems from metabolic disorders basically from consuming a high purine diet. Degenerative disorders also affect women as they age.

Pain and motor dysfunction are common symptoms of the disorder. Do not worry so much about your condition as well as the specific type of arthritis you have. A physician will accurately be able to define your case as well as offer methods of treatment and rehabilitation. Here are some ways on how to deal with arthritis when you're forty.

Arthritis Diet

Arthritis is a chronic condition and usually will not easily be eradicated unless you follow the proper regimen. Diet plays a vital role in alleviating your condition especially if your condition came from a metabolic source. Avoid foods that have high purine content since these can leave crystalline deposits in your joints aggravating pain and discomfort. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Drink a lot of water, preferably eight to twelve glasses a day to help flush your system.

Arthritis Exercise

Even if movement is a painstaking torture, you have to incorporate physical activity to strengthen your bones and joints. In the long run, you'll have more tolerance to pain and activity and will be more functional. Improve your flexibility by doing some stretching exercises. Staying immobile will only stiffen your joints and you'll also feel pain once you start moving.

Arthritis Medications

Anti-inflammatory drugs are the cornerstone of your rehabilitation. Pain relievers are helpful but you must avoid being dependent on them as they can be addictive over time. Glucosamine supplements are known to help improve the fluid and cushioning in the joints. Since synovial fluid or the fluid needed to lubricate your joints is low if you have arthritis, you have to ask your physician to recommend the right medications to suit your needs.

How To Reduce Arthritis Pain

Pain is the most basic symptom associated with arthritis. Apply warm compress to the area of pain with the use of a heating pad, warm bath water or hot towel. Ice compress is also effective for swollen and inflamed joints.

You can also alternately switch warm and cold compress to minimize pain and reduce inflammation. Massage greatly reduces pain as it relieves nerve endings and tensed surrounding muscle tissues. St. John's Wort oil or eucalyptus oil are effective in reducing inflammation so use this as necessary for added comfort.

Be Optimistic

Since you're probably be dealing with arthritis for the next several years or the rest of your life, you just have to admit your condition and have a positive outlook in life. Socialize and find time to be with your family and friends. Meaningful interactions can be very helpful in reducing pain as well as feelings of hopelessness.

Update yourself with the current issues regarding new treatment and care for arthritis. It is very possible that your doctor sooner or later will come up with a specifically designed plan to cater to your needs.

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author avatar Paul Butters
16th Nov 2010 (#)

40. Try 58! My feet and toes are worst cos I pound them playing table tennis. Cushioned footwear helps though. Gout is very nasty BTW.

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author avatar George goral
5th Aug 2011 (#)

how to coope with it

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author avatar Retired
6th May 2012 (#)

I am 47 and have recently been told by my doctor that I have arthritis in my toes. It does hurt sometimes. Thank you for an informative article.

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