How To Deal With Reality And How Not To Deal With Reality

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Well, sometimes, reality can be easy, and sometimes, reality can be hard. This article is a sort of primer on how to take it all no matter what.


I start out with the first page tag or key word as a heading for this section, because, even if you are or are not religious: Prayer and contemplation works wonders and brings new light to situations that seemed unsolvable before you prayed or contemplated the situation.

You know, getting angry and negatively persistent is honestly the last way to deal with things. Sometimes you just need to step away silently and pray or contemplate the situation at hand that seems unsolvable.

For example, I, with seeming regularity, get into seemingly unsolvable situations that require some genuine creativity and contemplation to solve. Now sure, I vent a little bit, but I do not actually get angry. I just step back contemplate creatively and pray over the situation until I see it in a different and more solvable light. Also, I realize one thing: If there is a problem, there is always a solution to that problem laying at the opposite end of that problem.

I remember my Dad. He used to think the way that I do about problems also. But, he also knew that contemplation did not mean beating around the bush and "playing with the problem". It means seeing things in a different and more creative way that actually and ultimately solves the problem. For example, say he was fixing a car and there was a deep problem with the transmission or engine that is unsolvable by normal means. He would go to pick-a-part junkyard (this was years ago when they first opened), and say a little prayer to himself and his deeper mind and more often than not come out with the model and make of part he was looking for quickly and exactly.

The point to that story was not just a "cute little story", but to say: Sometimes when the problem seems irritating or big enough not to be solvable, we must go within and look at things differently at the very least.

Develop inner strength and all else will be added

Inner weakness is really the cause of all fears, problems, and genuine lacks of spirit. With that said, I quote Beverly "Zig" Ziglar's definition of fear: False Evidence Appearing Real. Courage is simply to let our light shine, and let reality shine on a situation.

So, when I say something like develop inner strength and all else will be added. I am saying that we must let our genuine light shine instead of assuming negatively at first glance that things will go wrong.

The way it goes

Ultimately, we are our own genuine problem makers or problem solvers. I mean, life is between those two realities. Without the reality of consistently being creative problem solvers, all we can be is problem makers that assume the worst. Sure, we can cry accident or "big bang", but we would be doing a disservice to ourselves and reality. Indeed, self-responsibility is the beginning of understanding. That is the way it goes, take it or leave it. Reality is what we make it ultimately.


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