How To Get In Shape and Stay In Shape for 2014!

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Have a New Year's resolution of getting fit and eating healthy? Here are some personal tips to get you started and rockin' the new year the right way!

The Holidays Have Ended...

The twinkling lights and the feeling of magic have diminished. Everyone is back on their normal life routine. The delicious sweets and decadent drinks are in the back of our minds until the next time that the winter holidays roll around.

So what has been left?

The feeling of fluffiness, my friends.

It is a BRAND NEW YEAR! I am finally kicking back into my love for exercising and eating whole and healthy foods. If you have decided to make a healthy lifestyle as one of your resolutions, I am more than happy to share five beautiful tricks that will kick start your new and exciting healthy lifestyle!

1. Do some Cardio!

Cardio is one of the fastest ways to burn fat and it boosts your metabolism like crazy! My default is running, but sometimes I like to switch it up by trail running, hiking, or even playing Just Dance 2014 on my Wii! (See a trend? 2014? Even video games are an awesome motivation!) Try to set aside 30 minutes for at least 4 days a week and see how much it improves your cardiovascular health!

2. When there is good food in the house, you will eat good food.

This is the holy grail of all things healthy. When there is nothing but cookies and ice cream and whip cream (my weakness) in the house, you’ll want to snack on that or even binge eat sweets instead of grabbing a healthy snack like apple slices with peanut butter or carrots with hummus. Next time you go grocery shopping, keep that mantra in the back of your mind. Stick with whole foods, like fresh fruits, vegetable and whole grains. If you don’t buy it, you won’t eat it!

3. Allow yourself to have a cheat day.

If you completely cut out all things that are supposedly “not good for you” (because whip cream is completely delicious and I will never give it up), let yourself have a day where you can treat yourself to something sweet or salty! Have you ever heard of Sunday Funday? I love to relax on Sundays with family, friends, and good food. Just remember, keep portion control in mind! Just because it is a cheat day, it means that you can definitely TREAT yourself to that delicious cupcake you have been craving all week, and not a whole dozen (unless they are mini cupcakes… then maybe you can have more than one.)

4. Have a friend join your healthy lifestyle!

The reason I keep up so well with my healthy lifestyle is because I have friends that have the exact same conscience as I do: Health comes first! So find a friend that already has the lifestyle in their mind, or find someone who is willing to take that bold step and join your on a wonderful health journey! There nothing more motivating than having an exercise buddy and have someone eat healthy with you!

5. Go on a healthy foodie adventure!

My best friend and I love to find places that are healthy where we can eat! It makes the journey of eating healthy food so much more exciting! My favorite place I have discovered so far is a little gem of a salad bar called Lettuce in Walnut Creek, California. They have nothing but delicious salads built right in front of you!

So, my beautiful ones, I wish your healthy lifestyle to be prosperous and exciting, and enjoy what 2014 has to offer you!


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Great advice.

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