How To Keep Your Feet Healthy?

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This article explains you different ways on how to keep your feet healthy and how to take care of your feet.

How To Keep Your Feet Healthy

Scientists have figured out most US citizens reach a mileage of 75,000 miles by the time they achieve their golden age (50). It only means that for the past five decades, their feet work tirelessly and it must be pretty strong enough to further last a lifetime. Isn’t it time to give your feet the treatment it deserves? Well, here are some tips on how to keep your feet healthy.

Feet – The Walk Of Life

You can make sure your feet is up to the task when you regularly do some foot care. Your feet would be so much grateful if you give it time to rest. Apart from a relaxing rest, there are still other things you can do to effectively keep your feet healthy.

Examine Your Feet

You must observe your feet at least once a week and see if it shows any symptom that might mean problem. A sign might show up physically on the skin (like a wound), or it could be something that you can feel (like numbness).

You can do self-examination after you take a shower. First, dry your feet off completely. You might want to take a look at your nails first. It’s possible you have nail fungus when your nail undergoes discoloration. You might also want to see if there are scales between your toes or in your soles – this gives hint for athlete’s foot. If you have foot sores or some non-healing wounds on your feet – that could signal diabetes.

Bottom line, you should be sensitive enough to notice these symptoms that happen at the lowest extremities of your body. And don’t hesitate to seek medical help when necessary.

Keep Your Feet Clean And Dry

A fundamental thing yet highly effective way of taking care of your feet is to simply keep it clean and dry at all times. Remember: a hygienic feet is a healthy feet.
When you take bath, deliberately scrub your feet with water and soap. Don’t miss your toes and the gaps between them. After that, dry them well – you can use a hair dryer to ensure a complete dry.

You should always keep in mind NEVER to wear shoes or socks when your feet is still wet. Having wet feet is like an open invitation to all fungal organisms; which love moisture. Deprive them of the wetness they need to survive and you’ll surely eradicate these organisms.

Again, ‘fully dry’ your feet after bath to keep it from being a breeding ground for fungal organisms. A wet feet is a conducive place for fungal infection.

Do Not Conceal Toenails With Polish

There are some people obsessed enough with perfection that they try to ‘hide’ those ugly toenails with polish. But it’s not advisable and podiatrists will go against it. Any nail polish applied to an already infected nail will just make it worse.

Note: An ‘ugly’ toenail characterized by thick, crumbling, cracked, discolored surface is an indication of a nail fungus.

Cut Toenails The Right Way

You might be cutting your toenails wrong your whole life. Did you know that it’s not advisable to cut your nails in a curve shape? The proper way to cut nails is straight across. Also, do not trim your nails too close to the skin. Otherwise, you’ll see yourself with an ingrown.

Avoid Sharing Shoes

Admit it. You’re guilty of this. Are you fond of borrowing your friend’s shoes? Do you often share socks with your other siblings?

While it’s good to share what’s yours, it may not always be the case. Sometimes you can’t be too selfless. Start prohibiting anyone from using your shoes. Also, you should also refrain from borrowing someone else’s footwear to keep your feet healthy.

Sharing shoes is a surefire way of also sharing viruses and infections. This mostly happens in using rental shoes where you don’t know who previously used the thing.

Don’t go barefoot in public areas

Protect yourself against contagious infections that you might come in contact especially in public areas. Places like your locker room or your gym bathroom might have some contamination in the floor area due to the people consistently using it. It’s only a matter of time for you to acquire something communicable like an athlete’s foot.

There are shower shoes you can buy to protect yourself from the breeding grounds of fungi.

Choose Something Breathable

Never isolate your feet in tight shoes that is not ventilated enough. An effective way to keep your feet dry and healthy is to wear breathable footwear. You can find optimum breathability on shoes composed of mesh fabrics – this is highly ideal for people who have sweaty feet.

Head Off Sweaty Feet

Your feet is like the kingdom of sweat glands. Each foot has 250,000 sweat glands, making it half a million for the pair! So you can’t be surprised when you have a sweaty feet.

What makes sweat so undesirable is it creates a conducive environment for bacteria to grow. With that, you must apply some foot powder on your entire feet before you wear your socks. The powder will help absorb the sweat particles and make your feet odor free at the same time. Your socks will also do its part when it comes to keeping your feet dry.

To keep your feet healthy, make it a routine to apply foot powder every day and do not use the same socks or shoes twice in a row.

Wear Proper Shoes

In most cases, feet health boils down to the type of footwear you use. The most important rule states you should wear something that fits you properly. Avoid shoes that cramp your toes like those pointed ones.

Do Not Wet Your Feet With Cold Water After A Tiring Day

There is this ailment called “pasma” which other nations believe, and has proven for themselves, to develop when you tend to wet your feet with ‘cold’ water after a tiring day. This ailment occurs especially if you stand or has used your feet the entire day.

Making your feet wet (from taking an evening bath for instance) has a negative effect on your nerves and other intricacies on your feet.

It’s best to soak your feet with a really warm water (or as hot as you can) to ease the nerves and blood flow inside your feet.


There are really ways on how to keep your feet healthy and you just learned most of them. From now on, make it a daily habit to do something that benefits your feet.


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