How To Prevent Swollen Feet While Sitting in A Plane

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How to prevent swollen feet while sitting in a plane especially if you sit in a long time. Find out several ways to prevent your feet become swollen before taking a plane.

Guide to prevent swollen feet when sitting in a plane

If you want to get on a plane means you are going to sit in a long time, you will even sit for hours if you are going to a far place. If you rarely do small movements and only sit still on a plane chair, the muscles that responsible for moving the liquid to get out of your legs will be dormant. And finally, the liquid will stopped and blocking the flow in your feet and it causes swelling. Many of the passengers had experience a swollen feet problems due to lack of muscle movement especially on the legs. The feet became swollen and lead to discomfort and pain. Although generally swollen foot problems can disappear itself after you are freed from sitting on a plane in a very long time, but maybe it's good if you know the cause of why your feet become swollen when sitting on a plane for a long time.

Beside lack of body movement when you are sitting on a plane, there are also other things that may contribute to the cause of why your feet become swollen such as the pressure in the plane. Yes, the air pressure in the plane can cause your feet to swell. The low cabin pressure makes your blood flow become not as fast as usual, so it can cause the fluid to accumulate in your legs. In which similar force can function against the already-formidable pressure involving the law of gravity to keep the fluid in your feet instead of distributing it appropriately. In fact, passengers are rarely getting a drink of water during the flight. Airport usually also charges quite high priced for drinking water and you may be thinking and buy other things that are more important and urgent rather than thinking to drink a glass of water. Beverages may rarely offered to the passengers in the plane then the dried air that flow in the plane's cabin is also a contributing factor that can cause dehydration. When you are dehydrated, your blood will coagulate and the blood flow can't flow as usual, this is precisely what can cause swelling on your legs and your body becomes lethargic.

To prevent your feet from swelling, try to stand up for a moment and do a bit of movement then sit back and move your legs until you feel a bit comfortable. Do some stretch and move you body once in a while and do not dwell too long on your seat. Before the flight, it is also a good idea to drink enough water to keep your body stay fit and to avoid dehydration.


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