How To Raise Your Vibration to Attract?

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"How To Increase Your Vibration to Attract?"

This question intrigues many people who know about the “Law of Attraction”, have read about it, have even understood it, but are far behind its implementation.

The Answer

I conceive this capability of attracting things on my demand to be similar to Alladin’s magical lamp and its genie, which manifests every single desire of its master.
I have practiced and experienced a lot about this manifesting. There have been loads of such events and circumstances, which seem to me solely wondrous and magical in a way or the other, which I obtained by just increasing my vibration to the correct one.

I was suffering from cold, cough and allergy since my childhood, and it continued for years, after which I finally decided that I don’t want it anymore. Whenever anyone around me is not well, I would affirm myself - “I am healthy and immune”. The most beneficial thing about this positive statement is that it raised my vibration to such an extent that I remained unaffected by any kind of sickness that could surround me anytime.

You can use plenty of techniques like positive affirmations, subconscious programming or stamping down the limiting beliefs.

For example, in order to attract the perfect soul mate in your life, you can go ahead with the following affirmation:

He is kind and loving
He is emotionally with my frequency
He loves to laugh
And He is spiritually aligned to me.

Additionally, you must also keep a check on what you are feeling every time. For example, if you got a notice or a bill, do you curse and complain about the unfairness of whole situation? Or do you consider it and then laugh, acknowledging the balance in the Universe and that something good would definitely come back to you, because that is the way everything is designed. Whenever we feel like a victim, we lower our vibration.

Try to surround yourself with people who have higher state of vibration. Have you ever noticed that negative people seem to attract a continuous stream of negative events and negative people towards them? They are simply sending out the signal to pull in such situations and I have seen that they keep a bad health as well. For me, I simply don’t remember when was the last time I was sick! As a matter of fact, I have programmed myself to stay healthy and immune always.

Just think about raising your vibration with money! I’ll tell you a small trick, I’ve learned after practicing it many times. Whenever you get a bill, or have that weird feeling of spending money and not getting enough, simply write this somewhere –

“I enjoy abundance and prosperity, and whatever I spend, I get back 10 times this amount. Thank you!”.

It actually works like a magic spell. I do it all the time, and it always works for me. For you, I’d say, you need not take these tips and tricks at their face values. Try for yourself and see how raising your vibrations can bring magical and miraculous events and gifts in your life!

I have compiled a few of these experiences in a small e-book A Simple Life of Miracles”, which can be viewed here.


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Great article and is something we need more and more in our lives..

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