How To Relieve Constipation Instantly With Home Remedies

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Due to our hectic life style,Constipation is now common problem among all age groups specially in adults.Here i am giving full detail description about constipation and its natural remedies.Read on...


Constipation is now natural disease for fast paced world.It has become common disease among youth and old age people. This is all because of our unregulated lifestyle. Often due to our hectic lifestyle, we give little attention to our diet and that result into constipation.

In this hub, i will take you through all the details of constipation and its natural herbal remedies.These remedies will certainly relieve you from constipation.

What Is Constipation?

In simple term, constipation meaning is to difficulty in passing the stool.It happens due to hardness of it.Therefore sometimes,it gives stomach pain also which is sometimes unbearable.

Cause Of Constipation In Adults

Constipation is caused by irregular stomach movement which results in difficulty in passing stool. It happens because our digestive food is not able to come out from our stomach. When we take any food, it is digested by our internal enzymes and acids.

While digestion, our body absorb nutrients from the food and then leave out digested food which is extracted out of our body through contraction. Sometimes either because of less water intake or too much water absorption by our digestive process results in dried up digested food which stomach find very hard to extract out.

Continuing Causes

Eating Late-One of the main causes of constipation is eating late in night.Due our hectic life,we don't get time for eating.This problem is common now.

Taking Alcohol Or Coffee-After eating some people take alcohol,coffee or tea,this disturb the digestion process and stops the secretion digestive engymes.

Hereditary-Constipation problem can be hereditary.If your any of family member has this problem,then it also passes from one generation to other.In this case,it can be chronic one.

How To Relieve Constipation Instantly With Home Remedies

1.Drink Lot Of Water- Best remedies for all constipation whether it is chronic or recent, is to drink lot of water.It is seen that people drink water as soon as they take meal.It is very deadly for your digestion.Therefore before 30 minutes of taking your meal, don’t take water. Take water only after one hour from meal.

If you can follow it for a long time, this can save you from number of ailment related to stomach. Drinking a lot of water in regular interval in a day, will also keep your body clean and glowing.

2.Hot Water In Morning-When you gets up in the morning, take one or two glass of little warm water. This is sure shot remedy for constipation. This can be assimilated as daily habit in our day to day life whether you are in the grip of constipation or not.

3.Eat Fibre Rich Food

Eat fibre rich fruits like banana, orange, grapes,radish. Some vegetables like spinach, cabbage and peas are the good source of fibre. As fibre is not digested by our body, it adds as waste in your food. These fruits and vegetable contains lot of water which prevents your digestive food from getting dry or hard.

4.Eat Fruits like Watermelon And Papaya

Watermelon and papaya is the best laxative fruit that are very helpful in flushing the digestive waste. Laxative means the fruit which helps in evacuation of waste food from body.It is normally eaten after the meal

5. Psyllium Husk to cure constipation

Psyllium Husk is best herbal and natural solution for curing constipation in adults. Actually Psyllium Husk is the common remedy for constipation.Take one glass of water and dissolve 1 spoon of Psyllium husk powder in it.

Take it two times in a day for quick relief.For knowing the benefits of Psyllium husk, you can read the hub titled "what is Psyllium husk and its benefit"

6. Fibre Rich Prune Powder or Juice

Another high fibre rich fruit is prunes. From very long time prunes fruit are being used to get relief from constipation.Prune is like psyllium husk and softens the stool.In India,people normally use dry prunes powder to cure constipation.

7. Another herbal or home tested remedy is celery. Take one spoonful of celery, wash it with water and eat it as such or take it with water. It will help in reliving constipation.

And At Last

When you encounter constipation first time, take lesson from it. Apply all the above written remedies. Don’t just follow constipation remedy in the mean time. If you will make changes in your lifestyle and start following above procedures, it will certainly save you from constipation next times.


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Very informative piece. I didn't know about the coffee and alcohol.

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Those are the best remedies the home made ones, thanks for sharing!

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Helpful article for people who suffering with this problem.

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