How To Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

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No air conditioning? Keep yourself cool with these tips.

How To Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

Summer heat can be more than annoying; it can be dangerous. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can affect anyone who does not take measures to stay cool during the days when the temperature is high. Although most of us would like to stay cooler during the summer, not everyone is willing (or able) to stomach those high electricity bills that are caused by keeping the air conditioning cranked. How can a person stay cool and save money at the same time?
Dress Appropriately
Wearing loose, lightweight, light-coloured clothing will help to keep you feeling cool. Although most summer fashions are on the form-fitting side, wearing clothing right up against your skin traps a layer of body heat which can leave you feeling uncomfortable. Looser t-shirts and shorts will allow air to circulate between your clothing and you skin, cooling you off. Of course you want to avoid heavy materials like flannel; go for lightweight cotton instead. Light colors will reflect light instead of absorbing it, keeping you cool.
Avoid the Oven
Heating an oven to 450 degrees to cook your dinner is obviously going to heat up the surrounding area, as well. You may not realize that the oven is the culprit, but leaving it off will leave you cooler. Make good use of a barbeque or try picking foods that don't need to be cooked. Summer fare like fresh fruit and salads are easy to prepare, taste great, and don't heat up the house.
Eat Cool
Heavy, carbohydrate rich meals kick your body into overdrive trying to burn and/or store those calories in your stomach. This will raise your body temperature enough to make you sweat during those hot summer months. Stick to light foods for meals, and eat snacks throughout the day that will cool you down, like cold fruit from the fridge. Stay well hydrated by drinking ice water, which will also keep you feeling cool.
Hit the Basement
If you have the luxury of a basement, don't ignore it! Heat rises, so try to spend most of your time (or at least the hottest hours of the day) in the lowest part of your house.
Sun streaming through windows may look pretty, but it can heat up a house very quickly. Houses are very good at holding heat in, so it's easier to prevent the house from heating up than to cool it down afterwards. Keep curtains closed on whatever side of the house is facing the sun.
Air Circulation
Keep windows open all over the house, not just the room you're in. Having numerous windows open will create breezes that will cool you off. Help those breezes out by placing fans strategically around the house.
Cool Showers
If you can't bear the heat any longer, jump in a cool shower for a few minutes. This will give you relief that will last even after you get out of the shower - until all of the water has evaporated. Get your hair wet and let it air dry for a feeling of cool that lasts much longer. We lose a lot of heat through our heads, and water evaporating from hair can keep you cool for hours, depending on how much hair you have!
Having trouble staying cool enough to sleep at night? Check out these tips.
Remember that staying cool is not always just a matter of comfort-it can be a matter of safety as well. Be creative in implementing the above tips and you don't have to suffer-physically or financially-through the next heat wave.


No Air Conditioning, Save Money, Stay Cool

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