How To Stop Being Shy

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What is shyness?How to overcome it ?It's merely a feeling which reduces your chances of success..............

Get Rid Of Shyness

Shyness is obviously a fear of unpleasant feelings disguised by mind under certain circumstances.It occurs due to lack of confidence in you.When you feel shy you allow people to treat you the way they want.Shyness protects you in nothing ,instead it reduces your opportunities and cultivates other harmful personal qualities.

Often,in situations when we should up and do something our thoughts are our enemies.
Therefore if you feel shy before a responsible talk ,focus on your goals and remove all unnecessary things from your mind. Simply do not hide your eyes,sit or talk quietly,just do not make any unwanted and nervous gestures.

For the purpose of getting rid of this illusion just take it as- 'an unemotional reaction to certain external circumstances'.

Replace this 'others may laugh if i talk like this' with "even if someone feels there's some thing funny in my attempts to get acquainted,so what?"

If you were always shy and like to take my advice now,you may feel difficulty and some internal resistance.But, in spite of a lot of internal resistance in you , if you can still act contrary with shyness you would experience two pleasant feelings in you.
One is relief ,second is consciousness of controlling yourself,understanding that you have done everything as you wish in spite of every thing!

If you stop obeying your shyness, then later you will never feel difficulty or uncomfortable in getting acquainted.

I was a repeated witness of my shyness's negative impact made on some people.At first i didn't understand it .Over time , I became determined.I learnt to speak directly about what i need.I was not afraid to talk about things that i don't like.I stopped being embarrassed.Since that time people roughness towards me stopped.

Always remember to learn from mistakes and do not give up.


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7th Mar 2014 (#)

an interesting post. thanks for a helpful read.

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