How To Take It (A series on anger management)

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So, you have reached a place where everything and anything is not working, and you want to get angry because there seems to be "no other choice". Well, this series of articles will tell you different.

"Got a problem? That's good." to quote W. Clement Stone, the rest will be original.

So you are at the end of your patience, you do not understand and you cannot tolerate it anymore? That is when you should have the most patience, understanding and tolerance in everything, when you seemingly have reached that point. For success comes after everything has really been tried and it really is time to "think outside of the box" on the problem instead of getting angry, fearful and giving up.

Recently, I faced a small dilemma. How to replace my stolen cell phone. It was yesterday and I was innocently and innocuously buying my public transit pass at the train station when I felt a tug at my backpack while someone was asking me for a smoke, I thought nothing of it and I do not smoke anyway, and I told them so. I looked for my phone when I got down to the train and it was gone, and when I got on the train, I saw the theives, and asked them if they had my phone, and all four of them looked at me as if I was crazy. So, instead of cursing or fighting, I walked away and immediately thought of other ways I could deal with the situation thinking, there are many phones, but only one me and four guys against me, so I figure I will fight this in a more productive and intelligent way.

I replaced the phone and all of that, but, I do plan to find good in the situation and not find fault. That simple and that succinct, yet that complicated: Reality is an ultimate blessing if you handle it right, and I do mean handle it right. If you handle it wrong, all that happens is a bad scene for all involved, and an even worse reality. If you want to make things better, you have to start by thinking and acting better, and you will generate better results. That is where it starts and not where it ends. It never ends. The best habit is to take the best action, although that cannot always happen, you can mostly handle all that goes wrong in the best way when what is wrong does happen. So, if a problem does happen, the best position is to quietly consider the best solution so that you can have an even better result than your original result, not get angry and have it be even worse for you and all involved in the issue. Reality works like a plane trip: You are off the course for most of the flight, but small corrections during the flight instead of panic get you to the destination, and if the diversion or problem is major, the best thing to do is to be calm, patient and realistic until a genuine solution is reached. Oh, there will be more to this series of articles, but even I have to consider this reality first and work it out in my life and all else will be added, for when looked at realistically, all dilemmas or problems are small, and can ultimately be solved this way. The best solutions come from fully understanding the worst problems and failing a few times at solving them, and then succinctly and ultimately solving them genuinely.

Sorry George Carlin, no "Brain Droppings" here.

The ultimate solution is to patiently look for the best way out and genuinely take it. Anxiety and deeming things unsolvable serves nobody. That is the reality of the situation in life and existence.

When I think of what it is all worth to us all to genuinely solve problems and live progressively better lives. I think of genuine, real, lasting and progressive mastery without "beginner's luck" or "lucky breaks". A master never loses patience with the process, because they know if they skip the process, success is not repeatable. But to fully understand the process is the most powerful thing in existence, because it make success genuinely repeatable.

"Getting it without the work" is just playing master, but honestly working it out, grinding it out and understanding makes you a master genuinely. Never put it on anyone else to do all of the thinking, if you give your power to them, they will intentionally or unintentionally do it to you. Do what you need and want to do genuinely in that order, and avoid having "brain droppings".

Initiate and accept only the good, and you will develop willingness and patience to pay your price

Sure, we all feel anger and bad feelings some times in our lives, but, here is how to rise above them. Be willing to make acceptance of goodness a habit, and consider the evil only a temporary appearance and you will genuinely succeed.

To win, we must be willing to do what it takes to win, right? To lose, we just default to quitting lazily. What do these two opposite states have in common? They are both developed habits. They can be controlled, they can be changed.

At first, accepting only the good seems like the hardest thing to do, but, like most and all habits, we must work at first before it becomes automatic and a genuine habit that does become second nature. I will keep this section simple. Why? Because we must face ourselves and the realistic fact of success through developed good habits, and the overcoming of the bad. In fact I will make this statement before I end, bad is just a temporary stepping stone, good is the naturally created by ourselves that is meant to become permanent inside and outside of ourselves. I leave this section and that thought.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
18th Jun 2014 (#)

Awesome and one of a kind post, cheers!

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
13th Jul 2014 (#)

I'm sorry your phone was stolen, and glad a situation was not elevated when you were outnumbered 4 to 1. Still, having to replace your lifeline (what my phone is to me) is difficult. Allowing some thief access to my contacts, all my loved ones, all my stored info -- I do not know how I would handle that.

I hope karma goes well with you in the future.

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