How To Treat Amnesia

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In some cases amnesia cures itself but in most it never goes awa, there are however things that can be done to make life bearable and easier.

Though amnesia is untreatable in most cases there are things that can be done to make life easier

Amnesia is a condition in which memory is disturbed or lost. Memory in this context refers either to stored memories or to the process of committing something to memory. It is a profound memory loss which is usually caused either by physical injury to the brain or by the ingestion of a toxic substance which affects the brain

When it comes to amnesia it is fortunate that in most cases it resolves itself without treatment. However, if a physical or mental disorder is present, it should be treated (if possible).

Psychotherapy can be helpful for some people, especially those people with amnesia that is caused by emotional trauma. For instance, hypnosis can be an effective way of recalling memories that have been forgotten.
Family support is very important in helping a patient with amnesia get better.
Reality orientation aids may help to make the patient feel at ease if they are surrounded with familiar objects, photographs, smells, and sounds (music).
Hospitalization is usually not necessary to treat amnesia unless the person is at risk for harming himself/herself or even others.
There are currently no drugs for the restoration of memory for patients with amnesia, but sometimes they administer a drug called Amytal to people with amnesia. The medicine helps some people recall their lost memories. The use of is controversial when it is used to help a patient recall repressed memories, especially repressed memories associated with sexual abuse. The validity of memories recalled under these treatment situations is being questioned and tested in the courts.
Korsakoff’s syndrome involves a thiamine deficiency, targeted nutrition can help. Whole grain cereals, legumes (beans and lentils), nuts, lean pork, and yeast are rich sources of thiamine.

People with amnesia feel at lost, they feel like they don’t belong and if they can’t remember too may years they feel like they woke up in a whole new world, the aim of amnesia treatment often involves techniques and strategies to help compensate for the memory problem. This may involve:
Working with an occupational therapist to acquire new information to replace lost memories, or to use existing memories as a basis for acquiring new information.
Learning various strategies for organizing information so that it is easier to store.
Learning how to make best use of a personal digital assistant (PDA), such as an iPhone or Blackberry. With the right training, even patients with severe memory loss can become quite competent with day-to-day tasks. The PDA can be used to remind the patient about important events, when to take medications, appointments, and key commitments. Patients who cannot remember people's names or faces can store a long list of photographs of faces and check them whenever they wish.

Complications depend on how severe the amnesia is.
By removing the toxic substance, for instance alcohol, the person’s memory will recover within hours.
If the brain has been severely injured, it may take weeks, months, or years for recovery to occur.
In some instances, the amnesia never goes away.
Even for people with mild symptoms, difficulties in dealing with daily life can take their toll.
Patients can experience employment, school, and social problems.
In very severe cases, people may require some kind of supervision, or extended care facility.


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author avatar Brenda struik
23rd Apr 2011 (#)

my love to all who havw this amnesia N god bless u all... peace..!!

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26th Jun 2012 (#)


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author avatar SaNOO
10th Nov 2012 (#)

hope all who suffer from this illness will be healed only if u think + nd believed in God that he can do eth.

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author avatar Olivia
25th Nov 2012 (#)

This was really helpful. I am a hopeful author and in my story a boy suffers from amnesia and its up to his friends to help. I can make it work!

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author avatar Honey
17th Dec 2012 (#)

control your anger, worries,not to have cold and not to sleep after 4p.m

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author avatar Reygonzales
9th Jul 2013 (#)

of course there were no person want to have an amnesia

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author avatar Thayor
16th Apr 2014 (#)

Hi, Am thayor by name, am from oversea, a country called NIGERIA... Please i really do need your help asap... i have a 71yrs dad, who had an amnesia through an accident since last year may, its almost a year now and he never improves on his health... Please what can i do.. I really do love my dad so much and i hate seeing him this way...

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