How Untreated Venous Insufficiency Can Lead to Venous Ulcers

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Did you know untreated venous insufficiency can lead to venous ulcers? This page is all about venous insufficiency, its impact, causes and treatment. Read the full post and spread the news!

Have You Recently Been Diagnosed With Vein Illness?

If you have recently been diagnosed with a vein illness or disease, such as varicose veins, you may be wondering what symptoms you will experience, what your treatment options are, and how you should properly manage your health. While there are multiple medical operations and procedures that can be used to correct venous insufficiency, knowing when to receive treatment is key to a successful recovery. Certain vein illnesses that go untreated can cause more severe, life-threatening complications in the future that otherwise could have been prevented. Of these, venous ulcers are most prevalent in patients who delay or refuse to receive treatment for their vein illnesses. Although not all problematic veins will result in venous ulcers, it is crucial that you attempt to prevent them from occurring after being diagnosed with a vein illness.

Symptoms of Leg Ulcers

At the USA Vein Clinic, our trained and experienced staff understands the risks and complications that accompany venous ulcers. Typically, venous ulcers form on the legs, in between the ankles and knees. These ulcers develop due to improper or insufficient flow in the surrounding veins, preventing blood and nutrients from reaching all parts of the legs. Patients who experience leg ulcers express symptoms of severe pain and enhanced risk of a bacterial infection forming in their legs. Leg ulcers may also form from past wounds on the legs that do not heal properly due to insufficient flow in the veins. Both cases, though, are just as dangerous as each other are.

Treatment Options for Venous Ulcer

From your first diagnose till your full recovery, our physicians will walk you through each and every venous ulcer treatment options that are available in clinics. These treatment methods range from simply wearing compression socks to surgical operations, depending on the severity of your problematic veins and if ulcers are present. When you are diagnosed with problem veins, such as varicose veins, we first assess what treatment is best to prevent future growth, how we can reduce the affected area, and ultimately eliminating the vein illness. This approach is the most simplistic and effective way to prevent you from forming venous ulcers. Since venous ulcers typically form as a result of prolonged vein insufficiency, removing and eradicating the problem veins is our first step for treatment. If your vein insufficiency has led to leg ulcers, we then prescribe an appropriate venous insufficiency treatment method. First, we begin with prescribing medication that improves the flow in your veins and also requiring you to wear compression socks, which counteracts vein failure in your legs. If your leg ulcers are severe enough to require more intense treatment, skin graphs and surgical operations may be necessary.

Why USA Vein Clinics?

Whether you have recently been diagnosed with problem veins or if you have lived with a vein illness for months, you may be at risk for forming venous leg ulcers. At the USA Vein Clinic, we offer effective, modern venous ulcer treatment methods that help you get back to your normal life as fast as possible!


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