How many calories should I eat to lose weight

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So, how many calories should I eat to lose weight? This article attempts to answer this question.

The hardest thing

Losing weight for many of us is one of the most hardest things to achieve. The main question that needs to be addressed first is what should you eat to lose weight. Calories are riddled through most processed store foods these days and are needed to be regulated if you are to lose weight.

You should have a cut-off point for the amount of calories you can eat every day. So, this means that you can eat any type of food you like as long as you do not cross that calorie threshold. Calories are basically energy that food contains, different foods contain different amounts of calories.

How many calories should I eat to lose weight

That is a question that is near impossible to answer because everybody's build is different and metabolism. You see, your body really needs calories and cannot go without them. The common things and activities you do from day to day require energy and in turn calories. Lack of calories will only result in you feeling tired out all the time.

Calorie intake should be regulated by how much activity you believe you do in a day. So, if you do a lot of exercise every day you are going to need a lot more calories than a person who is sat in front of a computer every day.

So what contains the higher calorie content?

Firstly you'd have to say that sugar or carbohydrates contain a very high level of calories. Secondly, you'd have to say that fats contain a very high level of calories. The calories you put into your body will become your energy that you need spend, if you do not use up the energy the calories will be stored by your body. When calories are stored by your body they are stored in the form of fat.

There is a rule of thumb I've heard about that states that approximately 3,500 - 4,000 calories will be stored by your body as one pound of fat ( scary stuff!! ). But this rule also works the other way. If you burn off that same amount of calories then you will lose one pound in weight ( not so scary!! ).

Question and answer

The question how many calories should I eat to lose weight is a difficult one to answer and changes from person to person. If you follow the guidelines stated above they should aid you in reducing your calorie intake and help you lose weight.

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