How many of you are aware of Arthritis and its symptoms?

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When it comes to the various terms relating to medicine, symptoms related to arthritis are found to be the results of wear and tear between the bone ligaments after a period of time.

How to identify arthritis and get remedies in due course?

Normally the symptom is found to be prevalent with old age and people who are fifty years ‘ old and more are found to be having some sort of pain in anyone or more parts in their bodies. According to the information available from the medical history several kinds of arthritis are found to be prevalent nowadays and the occurrence of the symptoms is found to vary according to age and other related health factors.
A large number of normal arthritis symptoms for this kind of disease are associated with prolonged knee pain, fatigue, pain in the hands, legs, forearms and other limb joints. Rheumatoid arthritis is found to be the most common case of a typical arthritis. This is found to affect the limbs and nerves of the hands.
Apart from rheumatoid arthritis, one more symptom called as juvenile arthritis is found to be prevalent among children and neck and other parts of the body are found to be affected by spondylitis arthritis.
It is not so easy to find out the symptoms at an early stage relating to arthritis since it may be quite confusing and sometime relate to other diseases. The symptoms can range from drastic weight loss to dry scalp during the initial stages and sometimes it may lead to bleeding gums, constant itching and various rashes found in the skin followed by certain white patches on the skin.
Afterwards, the symptoms are found to grow towards swelling in the legs and arms which cannot be explained in a proper manner and the patient is found to be having difficulty in moving from one place to another and he is also found to be suffering from intolerable pain. The prominent reasons for this disease are found to be poor intake of quality food at the appropriate time thereby weakening the nervous system in the long run. To identify the symptom related to arthritis, it takes minimum four to five years.
In the case of chronic pain, the patient can visit the doctor at least once in six months and read the symptoms at an early stage.
It has been scientifically proved that the dry skin paves way for the early symptoms of arthritis. More oil is required for the ease of lubrication for the bone joints as adopted in mechanical and engineering devices. Under the above circumstances the food containing omega fatty acids and other vitamin related oils should occupy predominant position for our regular diet intake. It is better to avoid foods that tend to make the skin dry and suck out the excess oil present in the body parts. It is also wise to consume foods consisting of foods rich in magnesium oxide. Such kind of food items tend to balance and provide the required supplements for the strengthening of bones in the body.
The symptoms related to arthritis can also be identified through blood tests and saliva tests. Above all, a healthy diet and proper workout suitable to the body would tone up the body parts and would supplement the patients the required nourishment for easy movement and performing the daily activities without any difficulty.


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15th Nov 2015 (#)

My granddaughter was put on a very strict diet and took cancer medication for her arthritis at 16 years old.She stopped the cancer medications last year and is now coping with it through diet. She won a full scholarship to college through volleyball, as she overcame the pain.

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