How much beneficial, Carrot and Broccoli are to human health?

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Carrot and Broccoli are the finest source of nutrition.
Carrot and Broccoli improves human’s immunity system.
Both vegetable are available in approximately all parts of word.


Botanically carrot is root vegetable. Carrots are normally orange in color.
Carrot is biennial plant and available in cold season and summer. Taste of raw
Carrot is sweet and sour also.
Carrot is highly beneficial to health of human being.
It contains B-CAROTENE(source of Vitamin A).Carrot is nature’s biggest source of Vitamin A .No vegetable or fruit has such rich fully loaded source of Vitamin A.

Why Vitamin A is necessary to health?
Vitamin A deficiency will impair human’s eye vision.
Vitamin A is also important to improve night Vision. Orange color of carrot is due to presence of high content of B-carotene. (Source of vitamin A)
Old age people or people with eye problems are being advised for high intake of carrot food.

Many Nutrition content of carrot:
-Carrot also contains
-Dietary fibers
-Anti oxidants, minerals
-Calcium, potassium, magnesium,
-Vitamin c.Vitamin K and Vitamin B6.

Carrot food intake improves eye sight and it is also helpful in various health problems.
Carrot contains phyto nutriel which may influential to prevent certain type of cancers.
It is believed in medical research field that carrot nutrition combination is effective
In preventing prostate cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer.
Carrot also helpful in digestive disturbance because it contains high fibers.
Carrot intensifies strength of body immunity system. It has also anti viral and anti bacterial

Precaution while cooking carrot:
Carrot is advised to cook in low heat only. Over heating while cooking carrot will lessen nutritional
Value very much. Uncooked carrot is not advisable for food intake, because low heat cooking of carrot will increase the absorption of B-Carotene.


Broccoli is a vegetable with green flower like head with branches.
It is perennial plant but mostly cool weather suits broccoli much.
Broccoli is rich source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Vitamin A.
Broccoli also contains dietary fibers and minerals. It is useful in treatment of peptic ulcers.
It has also anti cancer properties. So it useful in prostate cancer.
Broccoli is has also properties of anti viral and anti bacterial.
Broccoli intensifies strength of body immunity system.

Low heat cooking is being advised to preserve nutritional value.
Broccoli is believed to be more nutritious in comparison to cabbage and caulis flower.
Carrot, broccoli and spinach are vegetables, enriched with the highest nutritional content.
It is advisable to consume these vegetables daily or frequently to fortify our immunity system

Good food habit is must for preventing diseases and to remain fit and healthy.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
20th Aug 2010 (#)

good info.. if you could improve the grammar It would help because people share things more when the grammar is perfect and the info is good.

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author avatar Ol'cheez
21st Nov 2013 (#)

The info is pretty good but not entirely accurate. Strictly for defeating cancer you have to get raw vegetable not cooked. Broccoli and Carrots are some of the top contenders, including red beet roots.

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