How to Accustom a child to Nutritious Food ?

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Everyone knows that children's appetite is unpredictable. They plays in earnest when it comes to sweets, and disappears when the mother is trying to feed a child with soup.
Useful porridge, stewed vegetables, warm milk - all these "goodies" children perceive without much enthusiasm.

How to persuade your son or daughter to eat a useful food cooked by Your caring hands?

Porridge - our joy!

Perhaps the morning porridge able to spoil the mood of every other child. Most children scare foam that collects on the surface of the cereal, and its viscous consistency. Do not despair, the problem is easy to fix. Think of yourself as a child, you probably like the taste of homemade porridge, which was prepared by my mother or grandmother. But cold lumpy porridge from the school canteen sickened.

Your task now to try to make porridge most attractive to the child and turn it into an enjoyable part of the morning ritual. Remove the milk froth, add in cereals juices, fruit purees and fruit and, of course, creative approach to serving dishes.

For example, put a yellow sun in the form of polenta, buckwheat garnish smiley via candied fruits and nuts or post rice porridge with a favorite jam crumbs. And if the child does not like some of the cereals, do not try to force her to feed him, respect the wishes of the baby!

Not simple, and gold ...

Parents whose children like eggs, definitely lucky because some kids, this product is absolutely not like that. A nasty undercooked egg yolk, slimy protein or too much fried sunny side up - every little fussy chooses a cause of dislike for egg dishes. And to deal with it is not easy!

The main task of the parents - to find the way of cooking eggs, which love remains. Boil hard boiled eggs and boiled, fried eggs and make an omelet cook poached egg, protein make dumplings and eggnog - and ask your child to choose the most delicious dish.
Having tried everything, the baby would almost certainly opt for any option.
If the offspring is refusing to eat eggs, try using different molds - chamomile, heart or cloud, and the finished dish to accompany colorful vegetables.

And, of course, be sure to decorate Easter eggs together and use the shell for the manufacture of handicrafts.

Not boring vegetables

Instill a love of baby vegetables and dishes are not too difficult. The taste buds of the child and his sense of smell has not tempted culinary delights and ready to accept anything new. The main thing is do not cook boring dishes and vegetables not to excessively long heat treatment and maintain their unique taste and aroma.

Light soups, vegetables, baked on a grill or a tasty stew, whose components are not turned into mush, airy mousses and various fresh juices - great for the kids' menu. Entrust your child to choose the ingredients for the salad, together, make a vegetable dish, "draw" a picture of her broccoli, beets and bright peppers, add the grated zucchini in batter splendor - dishes such child eats with gusto. And to instill proper eating habits daze as the promotion and use no dessert sweets and slices of sweet carrots.

Remember that the older a child gets, the harder it is to change your preferences in food. Therefore, son or daughter to inculcate love for wholesome food is necessary as soon as possible, ideally - with the introduction of complementary foods.
That's when your baby will not be displeased to turn away from the soup, capricious, seeing the mess on the table, prefer sweet drinks and homemade fruit juice.


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