How to Ask a Guy Out on a Date When You're a Woman

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It can be really intimidating for girls to approach guys for a date especially if it's your first time doing it. Here are some tips to avoid the awkwardness of the situation.

Dating in 2014

Traditional gender norms often dictate that the guy should be the one who “gets” the girl. But, it’s 2014! Shouldn’t women have the freedom to be direct about whom they want to date? The answer is yes, yes they should. But approaching a guy with your romantic intentions is almost never an easy task. So here’s a list of tips on what you should do to avoid the awkwardness of asking a guy on a date.

Just Ask

It can be very intimidating to approach a guy especially if it’s your first time doing it. Try to for a time when you’re alone with him. Don’t try approaching him when he’s with his friends. That takes the pressure of both of you

Make a manly suggestion.

Try suggesting something man friendly for your date - like going out to a sporting event, or simply for a beer. He’s more likely to say yes if it’s something that he’s comfortable doing. It also helps to have a working knowledge of these guy friendly activities so that you enjoy yourself as well. At the very least, you should be attuned to what he’s into so that you can enjoy spending time with each other.

Go on a group date

If you’re feeling the pressure of asking the guy out in a one on one situation, how about inviting him out on a group date. In this scenario, the other people in the group can fill in the inevitable awkward silent moments that take place when two people are out on a first date. A warning: don’t invite that one friend you have who looks like she could be a model for Victoria Secret. We don’t want anyone else vying for your man’s attention.

Hint. Hint.

If you still don’t think you’re brave enough to ask the guy you like on a date, then another option may be to drop a huge hint during a conversation. Let’s say you guys are talking about music, you could say that you really want to go see a band that happens to be in town, preferably one that he likes too. This will give him a huge opening to ask you out without the added stress of having to come up with a plan for the date after the fact.

Take charge of your dating destiny

Dating is something that women can be proactive about. Gone are the days when a young damsel has to wait for a gentleman caller to come knocking on her door. So, it’s time to go out and take control of your own dating destiny. Ask that cutie you’ve had your eye on if he’d like to go for coffee sometime.


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