How to Avoid Stress

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There are ways to minimize stress on ourselves. Here are some recommendations.

How to Avoid Stress

How to avoid STRESS

This is common to us yet not that easy to cope with. It is a psychological event of a person ability to react on things. A state of alarm and adrenaline rush, irritation, head and heart ache are example of stress reaction. These all depends on the reaction and the way it is tolerable to you. There are many stressors in the environment now that can lead to unwanted feeling of emotion to animal, people or even group of people.

Animals are affected will lots of stress. One stressor example for them is food, light, pain or even territorial factors. It can lead to wild reactions to the environment, irritation with people and even health problem that can lead to death. Same as with people, stress can lead to illness and chronic problem. Environmental issues can also cause stress like struggles, social defeat, famine and poverty. People that have bad experience like rape, break ups, death of a family, and freedom are candidates.
It is difficult to distinguish some symptoms of stress. And sometimes when you recognize it, it at its crucial stages.

Here are some signs and symptoms of stress:

• Excessive worrying
• Becomes forgetful, cannot decide or has difficulty in making decisions
• Anxiety, anger and depression
• Dizziness, chest pain or even raise of heart beat
• Skin disorder, indigestions and insomnia
• Excessive food intake
• Excessive alcohol intake, using drugs and nicotine
• Etc

They can be cognitive, emotional, physical or behavioral. Stresses are also one factor of a slow recovery to surgery procedure and a major problem for health and wellness.

There are ways to minimize stress on ourselves. These are some recommendations:

Have time to relax. Listening to good music, reading good books, watching nice movie can certainly give you time to relax and rest. Cups of tea or coffee are ways to make you relax. Go for a walk see the nice view of the nature and have a good massage. A good scented candle is best to lessen the tension inside you.

Have a helping hand. Call a friend of a member of a family and talk to them. Tell them what you feel and listen to them. They are there to help you out and tell you to move on. Expressing what’s inside you make you release the anger and the fear and that someone will know what’s bothering you.

Be positive. It is always start from you. Just appreciating simple things around you will help you relaxed. The time you wake up and the night the you sleep. Appreciate people and places that you go all the time. Appreciate that you are still alive. Have a positive outlook in life.

Get an expert. Stress management is best recommended for you when you ask help with an expert. But before you go to this session, make you that you yourself are also willing to change for the better.


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author avatar ppruel
15th Oct 2010 (#)

healthy article. stress causes body imbalance which is the second element why people get sick aside from the toxins we intake - from water we drink, air we breathe and the food we eat. keep on posting kabayan.

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author avatar Goodpal
28th Dec 2010 (#)

In my opinion a lot of stress can be avoided if we have a correct set of beliefs and attitudes about us and the life in general. Correct belief system helps us react correctly to stressful events which can impair our thinking ability. I tried discussing it in this article:

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author avatar clandestinef
28th Dec 2010 (#)


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