How to Confront Panic Attacks without Panicking

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Having been a schizophrenic for a long time, I had to master the art of overcoming panic attacks for my daily survival. This article is a summary of the tools I used to overcome this irritant. I hope that you too will benefit from the information I had provided in this article.

What is a panic attack ?

Panic attack is a situation where the victim is caught unawares with a sudden sense of fear and anxiety. Usually he is unable to cope with the situation as his body does not cooperate even though his mind wants to free itself of this desperate situation. Those who suffer from depression are more prone to panic attacks than others. But even normal people have panic attacks at some point in their life.

Why do panic attacks happen ?

Panic attacks are caused by deep-seated fears that are etched in the subconscious mind after a dreadful event or calamity occurs in one's life. Though the conscious mind does not remember or recollect the incident, a grave negative impression gets stamped in our subconscious mind. When something related to that particular event crosses our mind, a trigger is pressed in our inner mind cautioning us of an impending danger ahead and induces panic. The subconscious primes us for urgent action and floods our body with chemicals that aren't appropriate. These account for all the symptoms of panic attack like breathlessness, dizziness, sweating, trembling and heart palpitations.

When you are suddenly overcome by feelings of anxiety or panic for no obvious reason, and being helpless in dealing with it, the trauma can be quite frightening. Your feeling of being alone and terrified when people around you seem calm and composed could unsettle you even further. Consult your doctor to conform that it is really a panic attack. Once it is confirmed that what you experience is really a panic attack, then you have to find ways of avoiding the recurrence of this situation. Those who have a panic attack for the first time can expect similar instances in the days ahead. If you can identify where or in what circumstance you experience panic attacks, you may be able to 'de-condition' yourself by making a very conscious effort to relax. In other words, you are convincing your subconscious that there is no possibility of danger and it was an error on its part in imagining a threatening situation.

How to overcome a panic attack

- The first thing you should remind yourself is that this situation is temporary. And trying to resist this predicament will only highten your sense of insecurity.
- If possible, find a quiet place with as little human interference as possible and try to relax.
- During a panic attack your mind will jump like a terrified monkey from one thought to another. The best way to deal with it is to let that monkey spend all its energy as it jumps everywhere. After some time, the mind will restore itself to a calm state.
- Another way of dealing with a panic attack is to distract your mind from the fear that has a hold on you and diverting it to something powerful enough to capture your attention. I do get panic attacks once in a while, and usually during those times I switch on the television and hear some religious songs.
- Meditation and yoga combined together is a sure-fire solution for panic attacks. The process is very simple. Lie face up on your bed or on the floor, and with your feet a little more than shoulder width apart, and your arms a little away from your sides, let go of yourself as if the body does not belong to you. This is one of the yoga asanas called 'Savasana' or the corpse posture. Now, concentrate on your inconsistent breathing and feel the breath as the air is sucked in and pushed out through your nostrils. Be aware of the uneven motion of your diaphragm. Try to hear the ringing sound that seems to come from your brain as if it is working overtime. This simple exercise will calm your mind and makes you feel rejuvenated.
- Every time you experience a panic attack, remind yourself that you are mastering the technique of conquering it as you are more familiar with the demon that had you at its mercy the first time you had an attack.

Let your family members know about your panic attacks so that any unnatural behavior on your part is not taken in the wrong sense.


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author avatar Denise O
13th Oct 2012 (#)

Yes the best way is just to calm down and not give into the feeling of fear. Hard to do but, it can be done. Good information. Thank you for sharing.:)

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