How to Deal With Stress And The Danger it Posses.

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As long as one is breathing then stress is part of being human, it can be described simply as not being completely comfortable in a situation that causes anxiety of some kind.
Stress if not managed can kill

Don't Be Stressed.

There are so many causes of stress at the work place, in a loving relationship, at school and the list is endless. Not all stress is bad since it can push one to better self but if it become too hard to bear then it is referred to as distress and help is needed at this point.

Regular stress is manageable and some of the common signs of stress include;

i) Lack of concentration may occur when one is stressed since the issue bringing in the stress recurs in the mind and the activity carried out has a poor output.
ii) Loss of appetite is experienced since eating does not bring much joy at this point.
iii) Lack of sleep is noticed as the mind is not at rest and even when one goes to bed the mind is still trying to come up with a solution to the stress factor.
iv) Headaches become so frequent until the stress factor is eliminated or handled comfortably.
v) Frequent exposure to the stress agent has been known to cause hypertension as the blood flow is inconsistent with regular shoot up when the stress agent is introduced.
vi) The immune system functions are lowered making one a target for ailments
When we cannot walk away from the stress agent it’s good to try our best to take care of ourselves by
- Eating right even though we have no appetite as a full tummy is better than an empty one.
- Limit the work load that we have to get through the day to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
- Getting enough rest as much as possible throughout the day to compensate for the lack of sleep.
- Avoid a lot of alcohol as it dehydrates the body making things even worse.

If it is possible to walk away from what causes the stress go ahead and do it but if there is no option be good to yourself and surround yourself with people and hobbies that make you feel good and soon enough the stress will diminish as the body has coping mechanism and you will be better and stronger after you have been through it.

Its ok to ask for help and don’t be afraid to cry as keeping it bottled up can actually kill someone.


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21st May 2012 (#)

An informative article about managing stress. Thank you for sharing.

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author avatar Rosaline
22nd May 2012 (#)

Thanks Pradeep

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