How to Determine if Your Child is Autistic

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Autism is a disorder that usually occurs in a child very early and may be difficult to diagnose especially for first-time parents.

How to detect early symptoms of autism

Symptoms of autism may be different in every child, however there some early signs that may be similar. Autism is a disorder that usually occurs in a child before age three. It may be difficult to diagnose especially for first-time parents. Most babies progress at a similar rate, learning to babble or point by the age of one year and able to speak a few words by age two.

Some early symptoms of autism to be aware of are: avoiding eye contact, excessive banging or spinning, staring at a particular item for an extended period of time and a delay or regression of their speech.

Playing with your baby teaches them to interact and communicate, most children will respond when playing games like peek-a-boo and patty-cake, this play helps with visual and motor development.

Since many parents make comparisons of progress among their babies and others of the same age, they may be able to detect the symptoms of autism much earlier. By early detection treatment can begin sooner, offering the child the opportunity to develop better communication skills and increase their development to equal that of others in their age group.

If you notice a large gap in the development of your toddler when compared to others of the same age or if your youngster does not respond to your communication it could indicate the beginning signs of autism, or it could be a hearing problem.

Only a professional can properly identify autism in your child, so if your toddler is showing any signs of slower development, you should have the child examined by their pediatrician. Although your regular pediatrician may be able to spot autistic behavior, it would be wise to seek a professional who specializes in autism to be assured that your child is properly diagnosed.

If you are concerned about signs of abnormal development of your child, take them immediately to be checked by a professional. If your child is diagnosed with autism, do not hesitate to seek a second or third opinion before you consent to any treatment for your toddler.

Since autism is difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to treat, do your own research, to familiarize yourself with the symptoms and the most effective treatments. You need to be prepared to decide intelligently if the diagnosis is autism and what treatment is best for your child.

You may choose standard allopathic medicine, or *alternative treatment including detoxification, oral chelation and supplemental therapies, for the health of your autistic child.

Whatever treatment you choose you must remain consistent, autistic children are more comfortable with familiar people and surroundings.

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