How to Ensure Your Calcium Level?

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It has become common to take calcium supplements as you get older. Older adults are advised to take calcium supplements to maintain their bone density and to ward off health problems such as osteoporosis. But too much of calcium is not good for your health.

Is calcium necessary?

Calcium is a mineral element essential for all living organisms. It is necessary for many cellular processes, especially for the health of bone and teeth. It keeps the bone density and protect from weakness.

Risk of calcium supplements

As people get older, their bones become weaker and they are advised to take calcium supplements. Although taking additional calcium helps to counter age-related bone problems, it may increase heart attack risks.Some people take calcium supplements regularly in addition to their dietary calcium. Researchers have found that taking high dose of calcium supplements may raise the calcium level in blood and create problems in cardiovascular system by increasing the risk of heart attack. Hence people who have bone problems such as osteoporosis should take calcium supplements with great caution. They are advised to take more dietary calcium by consuming it at regular intervals throughout the day. The fat and protein consumed along with dietary calcium will take more time for digestion.

How to take calcium?

1) Adults above 50 are advised to take 1,000 to 1,200 mg of calcium per day. Women may need more than 1,000 mg.

2) Taking dietary calcium through eating habits is more natural than taking calcium supplements. If necessary, calcium intake by eating habits is suggested which makes calcium absorption easier.

3) If you do not consume calcium rich food, you may balance it with calcium supplements with the guidance of the doctor.

4) Women generally have the osteoporosis problem after the age of 50. They easily succumb to bone problems. Men after 60, especially those who smoke or use alcohol, face many of such problems. If you are suffering from osteoporosis, you should be clear about taking supplements with the guidance of specialists.

5) It is ideal for people who have bone problems to take the necessary calcium from dietary sources.

6) Before adding the supplementary calcium, try with dietary calcium by consuming calcium rich foods such as broccoli, low-fat dairy foods, sardine, etc. If you take more of calcium rich foods, taking supplements may not be necessary.

7) Vitamin D is important in absorbing calcium into blood. That also can decide your calcium consumption level.

8) Checking with calcium tests with the guidance of the doctor can help you decide your calcium intake level.

Nowadays, many pharmaceutical companies are luring consumers in so many ways to hook them with over the counter supplements. It is prudent to consider all the above factors before jumping into troubles.


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10th Oct 2012 (#)

Hello VP, I am thrilled reading your take on the calcium factor of our systems. Had some broc with zucchini, carrots, snow peas mixed with spag. noodles and cheese sprinkles. Side dish was shaken'bake chicken. Didn't have anything else but afterwards I thought of something I really like, (good for the heart), steamed red beets. Today I think I'll open sardines and make some deviled eggs on lettuce. Thank you for your good advices on calcium cunsumption, (esp. for women.) Smiles, Bets :)

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10th Oct 2012 (#)

Thank you dear Bets.

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