How to Groom a Thick Beard

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Taking care of a thick beard can be a challenge. This article shows you how to do it.

Use the right tools for the job

Grooming a thick beard will require different techniques than are needed for maintaining a simple mustache or a goatee. A thick beard will require regular grooming around once per month in order to maintain the beard's shape and to keep the facial hair in optimal condition. An ungroomed beard, on the other hand, will not only look sloppy and unkempt, but it will make the man wearing the beard appear older.

In order to groom a thick beard, you will need to invest in the right tools and products. If you have a battery-powered mustache or beard trimmer, do yourself a favor and toss it out the window. The motor will not be powerful enough to navigate through a beard that is coarse, thick, or wiry. Get yourself a set of trimmers or haircutting clippers that have to be plugged into an electrical outlet. Think of the wimpy battery-powered trimmer as a Toyota Prius. You need something more like a Ford F-150.

Before trimming the beard, you will want to use a comb to make sure that the beard is combed free of tangles. Use the largest size clipper guard to groom the beard, and work your way down to a smaller guard until you have found the size that gives you the desired length. Once you have found the right sized guard, this is the one you should use once or twice a month in order to maintain the beard's shape and length.

If you have a steady hand, you can remove the guard from your trimmers or clippers and use the blade for edging. Edging refers to shaving along the edges of the beard in order to give it a neater, cleaner appearance and outline. You can use a variety of tools for edging, such as neck trimmers, clippers, or even a regular shaving razor.

The final step in beard grooming is maintaining the health and condition of the facial hair. A beard should be cleaned regularly using a mild shampoo. Ordinary soap will leave the beard feeling rough and coarse. Some men also choose to use a conditioner on their beard as well, in order to soften the hair and to keep it looking shiny and healthy.

By following these simple grooming tips, you will be able to keep your beard looking its best.


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author avatar Denise O
11th Jan 2012 (#)

Nothing worse than a un-groomed beard. Good tips on grooming your beard. Thank you for sharing.:)

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