How to Handle a Deep Cut or Gash

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This Is What You Should Do In Case Of An Emergency:

The treatment principles remain the same for any injury whether you gashed yourself open on a sharp rock, stick or a blade sliced you open: - try to control the bleeding as soon as possible.

Important information

1. Using pressure points is no longer recommended. Apply immediate pressure on the site of the bleeding.

2. If the blood is bright red, and spurting, this is arterial bleeding. This is a lot more serious than the slower dark red venous bleeding. You’ll need to apply a lot more pressure and maintain it continuously.

3. If the injured person becomes pale and loses consciousness, surgical shock has set in due to a loss of a lot of blood. Lay the person flat and elevate the limbs.

4. In an emergency, any fairly clean piece of cloth will do. But rather use a sterile wound dressing if available.

5. In the case of a traumatic limb amputation, such as in a shark attack, you should use a tourniquet. In other cases – they are not to be used.

6. Call for an ambulance, do not transport the injured person yourself. Be aware that rough transport can restart or aggravate bleeding.


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