How to Have Good Gym Etiquette

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Nothing ruins a workout quicker than rude gym members. Here are five behaviors to avoid in order to have good gym etiquette.

Don't Hog the Machines

Working out can be fun but not if other people behave rudely. Don't be that guy or gal who walks into the gym and causes other people to roll their eyes and silently pray that they don't get on the machine next to you. Instead, avoid these behaviors and learn how to have good gym etiquette.
One of the worst things people do at the gym is hog machines. Don't use any piece of equipment longer than 20 minutes if other people are waiting to get on a machine. Be polite and considerate and let everybody have a chance to work out.

Keep It Clean

Sweating is as natural as blinking when it comes to the gym. Your sweat may drip onto the machines. Or your hands will get sweaty and then leave the handles of the machine soaked in sweat.
But make sure you clean up your sweat after working out. Use an alcohol-based cleaner and paper towels. You'll find these conveniently located next to the machines.
Don't leave behind a sweaty mess. Think of the next person and clean it up.

Respect the Equipment

Don't slam down weights once you're done using them. Doing so can damage the weights and disturb your fellow gym members. Respecting the equipment is a great way to learn how to practice good gym etiquette.
Don't misuse the machines. Use every machine the proper way. Don't try to make a machine do something it's not designed to do.
When you're finished, put weights away in the proper place. That way, the next person will be able to find them without having to search every corner of the gym.

Be Quiet

Don't yell, grunt or moan when you lift weights. This is not fun for your fellow gym members to listen to. People are there to get some exercise not to hear someone audition for the role of King Kong.
Some people like to chat as they walk on the treadmill, pedal a stationary bicycle or lift weights. This is fine. Just don't yell across the gym and don't talk too loudly.
Remember, be respectful, be quiet and be clean. Don't be an exercise machine hog. If you follow these rules, no one will roll their eyes when you walk into the gym.


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author avatar Retired
23rd Jul 2013 (#)

I don't go to gyms for all the reasons you mention. Easier to work out at home.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
23rd Jul 2013 (#)

Well done...

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author avatar Connie McKinney
23rd Jul 2013 (#)

Good point, Clara. You still get your workout without all the hassle.

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author avatar Carol
23rd Jul 2013 (#)

Oh have never been to a gym so I didn't know about this!

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author avatar Retired
3rd Dec 2013 (#)

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