How to Keep Cool at Night Without Using Air Conditioning

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No air conditioning? No problem! Keep cool with these tips for staying comfortable during hot summer nights.

How To Keep Cool At Night Without Using Air Conditioning

Tossing and turning, getting up in the middle of the night for ice water or cold showers…what’s so great about summer again?

If you’re on of those people who has great difficulty getting to sleep when it’s hot and humid outside, fear not! There are several different ways to find relief and get a good night’s sleep.

For starters, consider temporarily moving your bedroom. Heat rises, and since bedrooms are traditionally on the top floor of a house, you’re setting yourself up for months of misery by being inflexible about your sleep location. Moving to the living room couch, or, better yet, the basement, will give you the relief you need. Take a mattress downstairs and “camp out” during the worst heat waves and you’ll be glad you did. Often, sleeping in the basement will be cool enough that you will require a blanket, giving you that nice cozy sleeping feeling you get from snuggling under the covers during the rest of the year. Can’t even consider the thought of changing your routine like that? There are other options for you!

One thing you can do is get a good fan, on a stand, so the air blows right at you as you lay in bed. Keep those bedroom windows wide open and let the fan circulate the air. It makes a huge difference. Don’t underestimate the power of air circulation. When you sweat, air moving across your body causes the sweat to evaporate, taking heat with it. It’s important to open ALL of the windows on the top floor of your house (or all the windows in your apartment) and keep all the bedroom doors open so air can circulate on its own, even without fans. If you follow this advice, you will feel the difference right away. Pretty cool, right?

Do fans blowing air right at you irritate your eyes or cause your nose to become stuffed? (It happens.) There’s still hope for you! Try wetting an old t-shirt with cold water and put it on before going to bed. It will have you shivering for a moment or two, then you will be comfortable enough to fall asleep. You can get the same effect with an wet towel placed over you instead of a blanket.

Hopefully following these suggestions will help you stay cool this summer, because it’s impossible to enjoy the nice weather during the day if you haven’t had enough rest during the night!


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