How to Make the Perfect Scone

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Want to know how to make the perfect scone? Maybe you don't have all the equipment, such as scales, cutters, rolling pin etc. Follow this ridiculously simple recipe for tasty scone in quick time.


Turn the oven on to 190C, 375F. Your ingredients are:-

12 heaped (12oz) tablespoons of self raising flour
3 (rounded – 3oz) tablespoons of granular sugar (preferably unbleached)
1 level teaspoon of baking powder
a half pinch of salt
3oz of butter (in UK measures, this is about a third of a bar of butter)

How it's done!

In a bowl combine 12 tablespoons of self raising flour, 3 tablespoons of granular sugar, a level teaspoon of baking powder, a half pinch of salt and mix together roughly with a spoon.

Now comes the wet or wetter ingredients. Add the butter – you can use unsalted or salted butter. If salted, don’t bother with the half pinch salt at start. You also want some milk – this is a by eye thing (usually works out to ¼ pint milk, you’ll use less with mixer than by hand). You want to add a little at a time. Get this into the mixer (or the old fashioned way, with a spoon) and mix together until it is a doughy consistency. Do not over mix it, or scones will be tough. You want it slightly damp but not really gloppy.

Fun part next. Scoop mix out onto a floured work top. Roll it out (I use a glass tumbler myself, no rolling pin) to about a half inch thick – which is about 1.5cm, and cut into scones (again, I use the top of the glass for this, no cutters).

Flour a tray. For those of you not used to this term, I simply mean lightly sprinkle with flour, and in the case of the tray, turn it over to get rid of excess flour. At this stage you can, if you wish a gloss, brush some egg or milk over the top. This is entirely optional.

Put scones on tray and place in oven (I usually have shelf above halfway up oven, but not too high) for 15 minutes. Depending on the diameter of your glass, you should get approximately 9-12 scones.

And finally

Take out of oven when cooked (you can check this by sticking a cocktail stick in. If it comes out dry, it’s done. Place on a cooling tray, or if, like me, you don’t have push them up onto the edge of the baking tray to allow air to get underneath it.

Looking for more recipes, why not check my Sweet Potato Soup Recipe.


Some people say it tastes better if you use slightly off milk. I have tried this and it was good. Was it better? Debatable. I certainly wouldn’t use it all the time but if you do have milk just past its best before, go for. I wouldn’t use milk that’s turning to yoghurt though.

Some people eat their scones with butter and jam, or cream and jam. I love mine with butter. Hope you enjoy them.


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author avatar Denise O
15th Dec 2010 (#)

My mouth is just watering, I just adore a good scone.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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15th Dec 2010 (#)

Lol, thanks for that. Hope you enjoy :D

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15th Dec 2010 (#)

Welcome to Wikinut!

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15th Dec 2010 (#)

Thanks for that :D

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23rd Dec 2010 (#)

Very interesting

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