How to Mindfully run and gained spirituality

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If you are a runner, you should quit pushing yourself and do mindful running that started with the ancient Buddhist monks.

Writing for a better spiritual life

Ten years ago Giacomo Fasano who is a New Jersey writer had started with the main goal of running that was fitness After awhile he wanted to have a better spiritual life.

He became in better shape and the runs he took started to last longer. Fasano said he would run 68 minutes and began to feel more spiritual.

JHe believes athletes get a gift from God are endorphins that make exercising feel good.

Mindful running

Some people may meditate when running and that is called Mindful running.

Some people may meditate when practicing for a 10K because they usually go alone but when they are running the marathon because there are the fellow runners gathered around them and the crowds standing on the side. Cheering on loved ones and friends,

Some people are starting to run mindfully and they are doing so on trails and treadmills that seriously makes them have a better spiritual life.

Buddhist Marathon Monk

Running id getting more popular in the United States but running has its history in of Buddhist monks called the ultrarunner marathon monks. These monks are to spend ten years of their life running.

There are two new who are aficionados named Elinor Fish and Michael Sandler.

Elinor Fish is a Moab, Utah a running coach has a mindful running retreat said that works on Mindful Running. Runners who try to run fast and hard and push themselves. Then those runners who push themselves become burned out, run too quick and hard. That just leads the people to hurt themselves

Reasons some people take up running

Elinor Fish says that people start running to do races or to become friends with other runners, maybe run a few marathons, and Elinor thinks those are excellent reasons says out bodies were designed for running it's the most essential we can to do to our body.

But when we have "Mindful news" know ourselves better know our deep-seated selves that way

Tibetian Monk leader writes book

A Tibetian Monk leader Sakyong Mipham wrote a book in 2012 called "Running with the Mind od Meditation: Lessons for Training body and mind."

Before the 1970's in the United States, not many exercised arduous until the running craze started in the 19790's and became famous. But more people are running and experiencing harder exercise for the average Americans get six days of the week of hard exercise that the Government says we should do a week.

Mediatation and exercise

The Government even goes further with the National Institutes of Health is suggesting that people use meditation they suggest that people use meditation as lowering stress and anxiety and such medical conditions of chronic pain and insomnia.

Mipham says to have physical exercise with your meditation. That is because when you endeavor to exercise the stress you get, has been going to give you mental solace.

Michael Sandler

Michael Sandler is a proponent without running without shoes and socks. He also has a blog called Mindful Running, and he says you don't have to run hard. Even if you are the seasoned runner, you should move slowly. He says, ": Focus on the breath and your foot falls, and thoughts come up and let them go and build your mental muscles strong." Those people who run with their iPods that are 53 percent.

When you are looking for transcendence you should not run on the busiest roads, Elinor Fish likes trails and Fasano likes treadmills

Breathing during running

Elinor Fish explains when people meditate and sit they use in a rhythm in their breathing and mantras. That is running mindfully like those who do meditation says the runners breath brings a special breath, That's called physical and breathing those two things keep your mind each moment, and your attention won't wander if you focus ion your breathing.

Trails and Elinor Fish

Elinor Fish is a big fan of trails because they keep their attention on what you are doing.

The trail is usually in the woods or some wilderness but you have to watch and that you don't step on something like a rock You have to especially careful on the trails and focus your attention on your surroundings as you can easily trip sadly if nobody knows you went for a run and you were hurt badly you can have big trouble


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22nd Jan 2016 (#)

Great article, God is off course a charitable deed, no more and no less. If anyone wants to see if god exists, do something charitable and voila! that is God. Jesus said"If you see me, you see also my Father. He wasn't talking to blind people, he implied that if one watched carefully what he did, they would see only selflessness, in other words, God. Unfortunately only 10% of all people, according to scriptures, will ever understand this.

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