How to Pass Your Own Stress Test During Hard Times

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Stress management in today's society is very important. Learning how prayer, attending church services, walking, and thinking about St. Jude's Hospital may help motivate and lead us through hard times successfully.

How to Pass Your Own Stress Test During Hard Times

People have been advised by professionals to take what they call a mini vacation in their mind when they feel stress coming on. People need to learn to focus on a specific time and place where they felt peaceful and secure. These people can practice taking mini vacations as often as needed.

Pray for patience

One could come home from work and feel irritable and his wife is yelling for him to take out the trash. The husband should first pray for patience, and then pretend he's fishing with his buddy and just caught a giant fish. Then the wife yells again. This time he jumps up feeling emotionally lighter and full of nothing stressful.
Some ways to ease and pass the stress test

He may just want to help with Dinner and help clean up after wards. People in today's society are in need of more money. What are some ways to ease and pass their stress test during hard times? Here are some suggestions:
a) Attend church services regularly and pray often.
b) Hang up your job qualification at local store with their permission.
c) Get a piece of paper and write down things you like to do.

You may think about walking

Now see if there's anything you can do in your area that has your favorite things to do on this list. The word stress test makes one think of a stress test that has to do with how much stress one body's heart can take. Think about walking when you're stressed. Maybe when your walk is done, you may feel better and want to have some family fun.
Do whatever makes you feel less stressed

People need to do whatever they know makes them feel less stressed in a healthy way. They could maybe go to walk around a football field. This could help convince them to bake up a juicy peach, apple, or cherry pie. Cooking a great meal with a great fruit pie for dessert could do the mind and body good, if this person just goes to the cupboard and does as he should. Cooking does the mind and body good.
The whole family will feel good

The whole family will be feeling good after much food for thought has been prepared and delivered like a thanksgiving day. It's not hard to see how a stressful day could start out with stressful on their mind, but turn it counter clockwise and prepare a surprise of a meal.
Hard times are as hard as we make them

Hard times are only as hard as you make them. People, who are going through cancer treatments, can think about the children who have cancer at St. Jude's hospital. These children always have a smile on their face with the courage of a lion that will not give into dying
Smiles can drive away stress

Children have been known to take stress away from parents just by their smile on their faces, and giving of hugs and kisses. People who are ill can muster up a bit more courage with a side order of spirit, and they'll feel they've just been given a vitamin B shot for energy.

Don't let stress keep you down!

Stress tests don't have to be hard times. It can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. Life is what you make it. Don't let stress keep you down. Remember you only have one chance in life. A smile may just brighten your blues away


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author avatar SHILAHO
17th Sep 2010 (#)

This is what I need right now, thank you, you have made me read it again.

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author avatar J M Lennox
17th Sep 2010 (#)

Very good advice! :-)

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author avatar James R. Coffey
17th Sep 2010 (#)

I have found meditation to be the best stress-reliever of all. Most all Asian corporations teach their employees meditation and give them "meditation" breaks.

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author avatar Shannon Farlouis
17th Sep 2010 (#)

Very imformative article that will be helpful to many! Great job.

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author avatar CHAN LEE PENG
17th Sep 2010 (#)

This is very important and what we need now.

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author avatar Roberta
17th Sep 2010 (#)

True and helpful in many ways to overcome the burdens of everyday living.Well composed

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author avatar satan fury
17th Sep 2010 (#)

These are very good ideas to ease the stress. Finances and these tough economic times can really put a toll on people. A mini vacation is always good. These wonderful exercises you listed here are great to turn your bad mood into a cheerful one.

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author avatar satan fury
17th Sep 2010 (#)

Not sure what happened to my comment. Please delete and I will repost again.
Great tips to ease stress. These tough economic times can really put a toll on us.

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author avatar Judy Ann
18th Sep 2010 (#)

Great article, Jenny!

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author avatar dak
20th Sep 2010 (#)

Useful info. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Shannonlynnfarlouis
20th Sep 2010 (#)


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