How to Prepare Delicious and Healthy Food

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An article on how to prepare delicious food minus the fat.

How To Prepare Healthy and Delicious Food Minus The Fat

Do you love rich, bold flavors but would also want to reduce the butter, oil and cream in your daily dishes? Worry no more as this short and interesting article will show you some light on most common cooking methods.

1. Ice cream topping
I bet everyone love ice cream with toppings but how do we actually replace chocolate topping? A healthy alternative is fruits such as pineapple or peaches. You could add fresh cut fruits and if you like a little sweetness, try grilling the fruits for a little colour and brushed them with honey. You could even sprinkle nuts and drizzle with some pureed berries as toppings.

2. Salad dressing
You could try rice vinegar. Rice vinegar is actually less acidic then wine vinegar which greatly reduces the amount of oil needed. Simple by using vinegar as substitute, you are basically reducing a large amount of calories in the food. The food doesn’t only will taste better but it will also give a whole new perspective on creative preparation.

3. Increasing richness to the soup
We all those rich and thick soup, don’t we? However, those soups do come with a heavy penalty – calories & fat. So how do we prepare mouth-watering and rich soup with a healthy touch? One of the methods is to use cooked vegetables. Here’s how it is done; puree part of the cooked vegetables until very smooth. Return the puree to the pot and you'll instantly have a thicker, creamier texture. For a pureed soup, add a peeled, diced potato or uncooked rice before simmering; the starch thickens the soup when you puree.

4. Baking
I love cakes but I have to admit I felt guilty every time I go for a tea break with my girl (yes, I am a very health conscious person). Since both of us love to bake, we tend to find better ways to reduce the fat and calories in the cake. To be frank, there is no exact proportions since it vary by recipe. However here is a simple guideline you can use to bake your favorite cakes. Replace a portion of the fat (like shortening or oil) with a fruit puree (like applesauce, mashed bananas, or pureed pears). Sour cream can also be replaced with nonfat yogurt, and cream with buttermilk. Actually there is no rule that you could only use selected items for your baking. There are many other choices out there where you can choose and even do a little experiment. Not only you taking care of your own health and love ones, but you might also bump into special recipes where you truly enjoy.

In short, I hope you will be able to enjoy the simple guide above. Enjoy cooking and let’s start a healthy life today!


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